Telltale Signs of a Wife Cheating on Her Husband

The signs of a wife cheating may not always be apparent to her husband. When cheating comes to mind, most people think that men are the main offenders.

Based on countless infidelity polls however, the sad truth is that 45- 55% of married women cheat.

This is not to say that your wife is cheating on you but if you suspect something is going on and you want to find out for sure, here are some things you should watch out for.

 Top 3 Signs of a Wife Cheating

  • Your wife is not answering your calls. This does not apply during work hours but if during her off hours when she is usually available and able to take your calls you just can't reach her, then this may spell trouble. She is not answering your calls or her cell phone goes right to voice mail after hours have gone by, she may not be where she is supposed to be.

  • Your wife all of a sudden starts hanging out with her "friends" more often than she ever has and every other night she is heading out for a "girls night out". She will need these nights in order to buy time to see her new lover.

  • Your wife develops a new "hobby" in which she is required to go to classes or be out of the house several nights a week. As in, your wife never knitted a day in her life and all of a sudden she is the knitting queen and goes to "knitting class" four nights a week.

Overall, if your wife is suddenly changing her routine and acting shady, this may spell disaster for your marriage.

It is very important that you get active in trying to find out exactly what is behind her shady behavior before it's too late.

Two of the best methods to investigate are by monitoring her computer or using a reverse cell phone lookup on numbers that are repeatedly showing up in her call log at peculiar times.

Whatever you choose to do, don't wait too long because your relationship could be at risk.

Women who cheat often get away with it because husbands are not aware of what the signs of a wife cheating are. 

"My wife was sneaking around for
6 months before I found out"

Read on for more - signs of cheating women.

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