Signs of an Affair

Here is What You Need to Know To Bust Them Cheating!

So what are some signs of an affair? Firstly, I would start by saying that because relationships are so difficult; many of the signs below don't necessarily mean that your partner is cheating on you. These are starting points that indicate your relationship is in need of some serious attention one way or another.

The signs below should be used to your advantage and they should only assist you when trying to determine and confirm signs of cheating. 

Signs of an Affair

Signs of an Affair

  • Constantly Late – Is your spouse or loved one always late? If this is something new, it is a very good indicator that his /her interests have gone elsewhere.

  • Secretive towards phone - Is his/her phone guarded like prisoners at Fort Knox? If so, there is probably a very good reason for it and I am pretty sure it's not something you will like.

  • Change of Style - Is your loved one a fashion freak all of a sudden? There maybe someone new in their life that they have to impress.

  • Displaying New Habits – Has your spouse started talking differently (using different slangs), or listening to a completely different type of music. Habits from his new fling may be rubbing off on him and this is his way of subconsciously telling you.

  • Late Night Disappearances – Is your spouse making peculiar excuses so that they may excuse themselves or get out the house routinely at night? Depending how far along an affair is your spouse may need a window period at nights to be able to tuck their new love in bed.

  • No Signal? Or is it? - Are there certain times of the day or large chunks of time where you just can't reach your spouse for the life of you? You probably get some shady excuse when you question them. Not answering their phone allows them the time needed to be with their new lover without having to constantly lie about their whereabouts each time you call. So they will prefer to disappear for a block of time and only have to come up with one story to cover that time.

  • Distant All of a Sudden – Has your spouse become disconnected from you and the relationship. If so, their attention may be all taken by someone else. There is only so much emotions to go around, and if you are not getting it then chances are someone else is.

  • Stories Are Vague – Are you getting very vague stories when you question your loved one about their whereabouts? By keeping their story simple and very vague, they run less risk on slipping up on a particular detail later on. By saying things such as "the guys", they are later able to exclude a particular person if that person's presence becomes an issue.

  • Sex Has Changed – Has the sex changed significantly in one way or another? It may be a big increase with experimentation of new positions or it may be that it has almost been eliminated from your relationship completely. The new lover in the picture will almost always change your sexual relationship with your loved one in some way.
  • Gets Defensive - Is their first reaction to get defensive when asked a simple question that involves their whereabouts or actions? This is a natural response that a cheater may make subconsciously.

  • Attacks the Shower Immediately – Are you finding it odd that your loved one is all of a sudden heading straight for the showers when they get home. The fear of getting caught with someone else's fragrance or smell on them compels them to do so.

The above are some very telling signs of an affair that you should have on your radar. If your spouse is displaying many of these signs then you may really need to step back and start analyzing your relationship closely.

Make personal notes of the behaviors or stories that popped up on your radar so that you may go back and refer to them a few days later. You may even choose to subtly mix in a few questions (asked a different way) concerning their whereabouts or story days before. 

"He betrayed my trust and
I don't think I can stay with him"

Amazingly they may not remember the details anymore or it may even change! This should also be added to your list of "Signs of an Affair" that you are looking out for.

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