Signs of an Extramarital Affair

Get Proactive In Stopping An Affair

Signs of an extramarital affair are probably easier to recognize than you think. If you go to an infidelity forum and browse around for a bit, you will be amazed at how many posters are basically admitting that they know they are being cheated on, yet they will still ask for help and advice from others to tell them that they are being cheated on.

Finding yourself caught in the middle of infidelity is a terrible situation to be in. Your senses are distorted and that good old judgment that you pride yourself on goes out the window. As you are reading this, you may have that empty feeling inside as you search for answers to get you through your tumultuous situation.

Affair statistics are astounding and more and more relationships are getting affected by the epidemic that seemed to have multiplied tenfold by the ever evolving internet. If you are reading this you most likely have seen or experienced signs of an extramarital affair and you reaching out for help.

I have been to the darkest places when it comes to dealing and coping with the possibility that my mate was cheating on me. As with so many people, the signs of an affair were staring me right in the eyes and I just kept looking away with that uncomfortable feeling.

There are so many subtle signs of cheating out there, but the strongest and most telling sign that you may ever come across is your intuition. Throughout your life you have made so many right choices because you followed your intuition. Well love really does blind us, we all want to believe in the fairy tale that we will live happily ever after with our husband or wife.

How many times do you hear someone say, "Oh my husband would never cheat, he is not that kind of guy". Well, news flash even "happily married" husband and wives cheat nowadays. The times have changed and it is time to find out what the reality of your relationship is one way or another so that you can face it and make a decision with the good judgment that you still have.

Another reality is that, stopping an affair is not always easy for the people involved and if one of those people is your husband or wife then getting to that realization is the quickest way to you feeling better.

This may get worse before they get better, but do not overlook the signs of an extramarital affair. I know for me, I wanted a real relationship with trust, honesty, and respect. For awhile I knew I was not getting all these things nor was I giving it once I started seeing the signs of an affair. Please do not just become another number lost in affair statistics. 

"Don't become part of Affair Statistics"

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