Top 3 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship – Learn These Now!

Top 3 Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

In this article you will discover the top 3 signs of cheating in a relationship that you should learn as soon as possible!

When in a relationship, you will come across numerous activities that may be misconstrued as cheating. Relationships are very difficult by nature and there are times when a partner may distant themselves sometimes without even knowing just to get a breather.

I think we can all agree that sometimes a break from the relationship pressures is warranted. This by no means is cheating, and can be beneficial to the relationship in some cases.

However, when certain signs of possible cheating are displayed in combination with each other, you better be prepared to take action.

Below are the top 3 signs of cheating in a relationship that you don’t want your partner to display at the same time (same time meaning in a relative time period).

Unusual call activity - Is your spouse or partner getting calls at strange times throughout the day and night? Are they walking away to take certain phone calls? The cell phone is the next best thing besides being with their lover, so they will communicate by this means.

Be sure to record any strange numbers that you see in their call log every chance you get. Routinely use a reliable reverse cell phone look up to see who is calling your partner.

Distant – Is your partner or spouse becoming more distant each week? This is almost certain to happen as the sun rising in the East if they are carrying on an affair.

Emotionally they only have so much to invest and with the lover in the picture you are certain to be short changed.

Unusual Time Management – Do you notice that their work hours have become unpredictable lately? Are there more unexpected business trips all of a sudden?

While in an affair, your partner will need to create diversions and pockets of time in order to be with their lover. In order to meet their lovers demands, weird unexpected stories will have to be conjured up to make some trysts possible.


There is no perfect relationship and you will experience your ups and downs, however you need to pay attention and monitor the pulse of your relationship through it all.

Keep your eye out for the top 3 signs of cheating in a relationship. If they are displayed in combination during a certain time period then you need to be prepared to take action right away.

Tools such as reverse cell phone look up services, and a simple notepad to record unusual time management activities are a must.

When things are good, be sure to keep doing the little things you did when you first fell in love. This will help to affair proof your relationship. 

"I saw the same number appearing in his call log
so I used a phone look up and found out he was cheating!
It was just a matter of time before I busted him"

Good Luck!

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