Signs of Cheating Men - My Boyfriend, The Cheating Husband

by Chris

We all want to believe that the person we are with, whether it's a new blossoming relationship, or one that we have enjoyed and been in for what's considered "long term", is not the person who would lie, cheat and possibly have a second life.

There are so many pieces giving examples on how to tell your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfried, etc. are cheating. But what about the boyfriend (or girlfriend) that you are with on a daily basis, that person you are growing to love, buying a house with, planning a family with. What happens when they are already married, with a family, and is living a double life?

Just as there are signs of cheating men, there are signs or "red flags" that the person you are with is already married and cheating with you.

Watching the person you are with change their every day - what they are eating, working out more, dressing nicer, etc. is an instant sign. While most would want to think it is to impress, it is what a married person does to upcycle to this new experience, new life they are trying on.

There is a disregard to invite you to their home. There is construction, they like being at your home as it is "closer to work", they are embarrassed of their space. If the person isn't inviting you over, there is a reason for it and construction isn't one of them.

The obsession with the cell phone is also another sign. If the person you are with is constantly hiding, carrying or refuses to leave the phone down, even if showering, using the restroom, etc. there is fear that the unknown will be found out. If you ask the person to use the phone, just to test them, and a snap response comes back, it's another red flag that they are hiding something.

There are a number of signs, actions, and reactions that play a huge part in knowing if you are being lied to or being cheated on or "cheated with". If they "travel", not wanting to be taken/picked up from the airport, having their friends show up at parties when they are supposedly traveling, not being able to stay over, showing up unannounced, asking your friends "so what did you do last night" to make sure you aren't the one lying.

All in all we want to know or to hope that the person we are with, again, isn't one who would cheat. In the long run, it is your gut that will tell you to pay attention, and when you do and the feeling is right, understand those signs and know if your husband is cheating on you or if you are the one he is cheating with.

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