Signs of Infidelity in Men Are Easier to Detect Than You Think – Find Out How

signs of infidelity in men

Ladies, I will discuss the signs of infidelity in men and just what you should do after discovering these infidelity signs.

Studies on infidelity have been going on for probably decades, and there is no definitive answer as to why men and woman are prone to cheat.

One thing is for sure, when people cheat they leave behind signs of infidelity. Whether it's hiding workplace infidelity or covering up a jumbled lie, the signs are always there.

"Why can't you just admit your infidelity?" This is a practical question that many frustrated wives have asked before. The problem is the cheating husband is not thinking practically when they cheat; so why do you think they will answer you practically?

So in order to catch your cheating husband, you have to take matters into your own hands. But, before you do that you need to what to look out for.

Signs of Infidelity in Men – Don’t Ignore These Signs!

Unusual Schedule Suddenly – In order to make time for his lover, you man will need to create "time away" from you. The availability of his lover will not always be ideal, so in order to make it work he will have to come up with unusual excuses so that he can have chunks of time to spend with her.

Your Man Becomes Disconnected – Men usually say that sex outside of their relationship is just sex, but little do they know that there affair almost always comes with a disconnection from their committed relationship. They only have so much to go around physically and mentally, so if you are paying attention this sign will be there.

Unusual Cell Phone Activity – Their cell phone is their number one means of communication when they are not with their lover, so they will guard their phones with their lives in order to keep the affair under wraps.

Sex Routine Changes – As mentioned, your man only has so much to go around and sex falls into that category. As the saying goes, if he's not getting it at home, he is getting it somewhere else. So you're your case, he may not desire sex as he once did, because he is getting fulfilled on the streets.

Now That You Know These Signs of Infidelity in Men - What Can You Do?

  Okay so you've pinpointed some of his cheating signs, here's what you do next!

Monitor His Cell Phone – He will need to use his cell phone to keep the sparks flying in his affair, so keep a keen eye on his cell phone activities. Yep, this means snooping at his call logs when he is not around.

A good trick to use is to pretend that you left your phone somewhere and ask him to borrow his phone for a few hours while on the road. Make up an excuse like you will need to keep in touch with your mom while on the road. If he won't allow you use it, your suspicions should be elevated.

There are also very good cell phone monitoring software programs that you can use to find out just who those mystery calls are in his call logs. Stay on this lead, because it will take you to the truth.

Monitor His Computer – While the home computer may not be used quite as often as his cell phone, it is a lot easier to find trails left behind. There are just so many places you can look to find incriminating evidence on a computer, which is what makes it so important in your search to discover his cheating ways. Just as with cell phones, there are very good and inexpensive computer monitoring software programs available that will get the job done.

Create Time Log – I spoke about his unusual schedule, well you will need to keep a physical log so that you can go back and reference at a later date. Without this, you will not be able to absolutely pin point and confirm his lies.

This log will come in handy when you ask him a similar question in a different fashion only to get a different answer. You will have it all right there!

You don't need to worry about all the studies on infidelity, or if your husband is hiding workplace infidelity because the trail will lead home.

So if you use these tactics and are patient, you will have all the evidence you need to finally uncover the signs of infidelity in men and put your cheating suspicions to rest.

"Infidelity signs in men are not that hard to spot.
They are sloppy when they cheat!" - Christine from Oklahoma

Good Luck!

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