Signs of your Significant other Sexting

by Sierra
(Wisconsin )

From my experience I have had the lovely opportunities to notices the signs my significant other gives off when he sexts. I have caught him twice now and am sure he ai t stopping.

Some of the signs that I have notice might help you all to know what to look for so I would like to share them with you.

•always checking to see where their phone is at
•tells you not to TOUCH their phone even if they are sleeping and they get a phone call
•make "jokes" about sexting such as "what if" or "what would you do"
•all the people that they talk to are their opposite sex and they have no same sex contacts that they talk to
•if they use your phone or other device to get on social media when their ready to log out they double check to make sure they are logged off and have you log on to your account to show that they are off
•they always talk about the people they are talking to
•in some cases the people they are sexting will try and make friends with you so you don't think something is up
•if you live with them or they spend the night when they wake up their first response is"where's my phone"
•if you ask your partner for a nude picture they automatically have one and when you ask why they haven't sent it to you befor they say "I didn't think it looked good"
•starts being aggressive
•dosnt include you an anything
•wont let you go places with them

I hope this helped

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