Signs That He Has Fallen Out of Love With You

You Need to Know If The Love is Gone! - Article By Ems

Signs that he has fallen out of love with you

So what are the signs that he has fallen out of love with you? "It's not you, it's me." This is a battered break up line uttered by many men who has fallen out of love, a feeble attempt by them to lessen the pain they are going to inflict to the one they used to love.

They thought that they would be less cruel by owning the responsibility of the demise of the relationship. Well they thought wrong, for no matter how they try to appease the situation, break-ups initiated by men will forever be a bitter and humiliating experience for most women.

Women should do the breaking up, right? How can he have the nerve to break up with you first? You'd be dumbfounded and confused on how all this could have happened when all along you thought that your relationship was getting stronger.

Well, ladies, maybe you were so wrapped up in the idea of a happy relationship that you missed the signs that he has fallen out of love with you.

Maybe you just brushed off the fact that his daily sweet morning and good night text messages became non-existent anymore.

Of course you'd be afraid to ask him why he stopped doing that, afraid that he will see you as too clingy and over-reacting. How about the fact that he is spending more time with his friends than with you?

He would rather watch the weekend basketball games with his friends than to go on an out of town trip with you as he once did. Maybe you consoled yourself by thinking that he also needs to bond with his male friends and needs his private space.

You just didn't want to entertain the thought that he doesn't want to be around you anymore. You see less and less of him, and the several times that you were together, you just notice that the two of you are no longer in sync.

You can feel the cold treatment and see that the distance began to widen and since you thought you loved him, you'd do anything to bring back the magic once again.

But sadly, relationships only succeed if both of you share the same feelings. Trying hard to revive a dead feeling only makes the situation worse.

So, don't be dense by ignoring the signs that he has fallen out of love with you. If you think it's because of cheating, download a computer monitoring software and put your suspicions to rest which will allow you to move on as well.

If it's just that he has lost interest, then do yourself a favor, salvage your ego, and let him go. Also let go of your grandiose expectations from the relationship.

Falling out of love is a part of life, just like falling in love. That's just the way life goes, and hopefully, you will find that special one that loves you for eternity. 

"I didn't see this breakup coming"

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