Signs That He is Having an Affair

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Signs that he is having an affair

Are there truly signs that he is having an affair? "Men are polygamous by nature!" Women have heard this line so many times before and this always makes their blood pressure go up a notch higher. Especially when it's coming from their own partner!

This line seems to justify a man's disloyalty and dishonesty. If only women can demand from the source of this malicious saying to take it back. For this has been the eternal excuse once men are caught having an illicit affair.

They will look at you with a pathetic face and say, "I'm sorry, I'm just a man, and you know that men are polygamous by nature".

Women should protect themselves from the emotional turmoil brought about by their philandering partner by being able to discern the signs that he is having an affair. Here are some of them;

  1. He is starting to miss dinners at home and come home late at night or early dawn. He'd say he is doing overtime work or some friends invited him for a game of pool or cards. This is becoming a routine and duties at home are being overlooked.

  2. Your bed time talks have stopped, since he would come home late and complain about being too tired to talk. You'd notice that the two of you have stopped sharing your deep thoughts and feelings. The late night intimacies have diminished. You'd only talk when it is necessary, about the payment of utility bills or your children's tuition. You're becoming roommates!

  3. You'd notice that he would tell an anecdote about his office mate, not only once but several times. And that office mate is a woman. Sometimes men tend to talk about their mistress when their guards are down. Pay attention!

  4. He has become less passionate in bed. Making love to your partner became a monthly routine, and you'd notice that the fire has died down.

  5. Guilt-stricken philandering partners would sometimes invite you out for a date, give you flowers or invite you to a weekend bed and breakfast get away. Sometimes men are so engulfed with guilt when they commit an affair that they would shower their "other half" with gifts, just to drive the guilt away

Once you see the signs that your partner is having an affair, you should investigate and find out for yourself if your suspicions are correct. Take action and download a reliable computer monitoring software and have it installed.

You can research on who is the woman that your husband keeps talking about. Or subtly ask his office mates and friends whether the overtime work and the pool and card games are true. If the signs that he is having an affair are what they really are and your woman's instinct are correct, it's up to you to act on it and avoid becoming a recipient of the lousy excuse of "men are polygamous by nature" coming from their philandering partners.

"He claims the affair is over. How do I really know?"

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