Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating There Are Sure To Be Signs Left Behind

Are you noticing signs of a cheating girlfriend? The first thing to ask yourself if you think your girlfriend is cheating is: "Has our relationship changed?"

signs of a cheating girlfriend

In all likelihood it has, but is it for the better? Examine the times you have spent together and recognize if there are any changes in either of your behaviors.

Are you as attentive as you once were? Have you become abusive? Do you take her for granted and expect her to cater to you? Do you make promises to her you don’t keep? If she is not getting the attention and respect from you that she once did, changes are she may be looking elsewhere. Once she has found a replacement, you’re history.

The actual signs of a cheating girlfriend can be missed by men as women tend to be very careful in their deceit. Here are a few signs she may be cheating on you:

You spend less time together. She'll make excuses why she can't see you. She has a wedding to go to and you haven't been invited. Or her cousin is staying with her or a group of high school friends are in town for a reunion. She has to work late. (Even women use that one.)

The dating routine changes. If she now wants to spend Friday nights with her girlfriends, she could be meeting him. Or she could be in the stage where she is looking to cheat to see what’s out there.

She becomes disagreeable or too agreeable. If you often find yourselves in heated arguments, she may be disagreeable because she resents you. The arguments may reach a point when either one of you storms off hurt and angry. Or you may find where she once put up a fuss about going off with the guys for a fishing or hunting weekend, she is now fine with it. She just may have plans herself.

She seems distracted. Where you once had her full attention, she often is deep in thought. She may be thinking about the new man and wishing she was with him.

"I have a gut feeling that my
girlfriend is cheating on me" - Sean from Palm Springs

There are other signs, of course, but any negative changes you observe in your relationship could be a sign of trouble.

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