Sorry I Married Him

I am a single African American mother with three kids each with different fathers, 2 girls and a boy. I own a house and went back to college so my kids would have a good example.

Well I was married to my child's father since my eldest was 3. I worked a night shift on the weekends and I would leave them there with him or my mother, well recently my daughters told me that he was having sex with them.

My eldest explained that it had been happening since she was nine and she is 12 now while my second eldest also said it happened when she was 9 but she is 10 now.

They cried and explained that he had threatened them with death and also that I would be taken away from them. I found out because my second eldest was watching porn and my eldest told me.

I feel bad I ever married him, my girls did not deserve something like that from a man they trusted. Recently I told my children all the secrets i kept like my second eldest having a different father than her brother (my eldest already knew her father), and my son that his father had an affair when we had taken a break from each other and he has a half-brother.

I now have a divorce and am in court. And I am trying to help my daughters who have already have counseling. On further note I found out my eldest daughter's brother (on her father's side) was also having sex with her and I am filing charges since she is only 17.

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