by Wes hall
(Mississippi )

I've been married for 19 years I have three children there's just one friend that's been around our whole marriage for the past couple years had one couple that we don't hang out with anymore tell me that they thought something was going on my wife and his wife got into it so we don't speak they were friends for about 2 years another couple about a year after that tells me that they think something's going on between her and her best friend really hurts my feelings but she loves to spout out how that's just her friend best friend then supposedly some pictures were accidentally sent to the husband of the second couple his name begin with the letter b she asked the wife to hurry up and grab his phone because there was something sent she didn't want him to see so she got his phone and deleted it then about a year ago my brother-in-law said he came over the next day after we had had a gathering and the guy had spent the night her best friend his name also starts with the letter b said he opened the door and she was in his lap he changed his story about a year ago but now tells me that it's just because his wife got mad his wife is my wife sister now I've got an anonymous text from some app phone number telling me yes my wife in this guy have been having an affair for years even my youngest child has been around but think that's just playful Uncle B which damn near brought me to my knees when I read it with my wife's where's that I'm a fool for believing it if I believe it I should just leave that they are just friends and that's all do I believe these different instances over the past 3 or 4 years and now with the texts coming in how do I listen to my wife and think that everybody else is lying or is it the worst of my mind is she screwing her best friend not me I might add I should have been her best friend what I've always said anyway please help I don't want to lose my marriage over lies but I don't want to be a fool either

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