What it Takes to Survive a Fling

Know What You Are Up Against In a One Night Stand

Can your relationship survive a fling? At first thought you might answer something like, “there is no way I would stay with him if he cheated on me!”

Maybe even..

I would leave my wife if she ever slept with someone else!”

These are all thoughts and answers that I would have answered and it would still be a struggle for me to answer any other way when it comes to someone I loved stepping out on our relationship. In recent years I have deliberately observed many relationships and it is so clear and unbelievable how difficult a relationship is to maintain and nourish into an unbreakable bond.

So I ask, can your relationship survive a fling? Secretly (and I mean secretly) I now think my relationship could survive such a bump in the road. While observing relationships, I’ve noticed and noted other factors that have caused people that I thought would never break up to break up.

I’ve heard..

“He’s not ambitious!”

“He’s too boring.”

“Sexually, she doesn’t do it for me.”

What I’ve realized is that there is no perfect person or relationship so my outlook is to look into the heart and soul of a person to see what I need to see in order to make any major decisions such as leaving someone because they had a one night stand.

I sincerely hope that you never find yourself dealing with trying to recover from a fling. I really think knowing the anatomy of an affair can potentially help you to make the right choice for your relationship.

What You Should Know About a Fling

  • No Emotional Attachment – In most cases, a fling will consist of a situation in which the spouse does not have any emotional ties to their partner. This might be a one night stand on their last business trip.

  • No Commitment – Because there is usually a lack of emotion involved, the parties involved usually have no real commitment to each other.

  • Exciting – The sexual escapades can bring great excitement to them. Their late night or secret encounters most often bring with it a “temporary high”. As most highs, it is usually followed by some kind of a “downer” which is caused by some kind guilt.

  • Feeling Young Again – They can experience that care free “young again” feeling. Those distant memories of high school when the world was yours.

  • Easy to discard actions – Unfortunately, in many cases when that person returns from their business trip they literally left behind all the guilt in the hotel and they are ready to for the grind of an everyday relationship which as I mentioned is not always a walk in the park.

I absolutely do not condone cheating or even the occasional fling, but I do feel it is important to know what outside factors you are up against when trying to maintain your relationship.

"I would leave her if
she slept with someone else"

So I ask again, can your relationship survive a fling? Hopefully you never have to answer that question!

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