Sweetpea - "if I'm not crazy I will be, lost 32 pds and live on stress pills"

I HAVE A HUSBAND WHO START ACTING VERY DIFFERANT OVER THE YEARS,no interested in family or me. ALTHOUGHT HE ALWAYS HAD A WANDERING EYE ANY WOMEN WHO EYE CONNECTED WITH HIM WOULD SPOIL MY NIGHT OUT, THE WHOLE NIGHT WOULD BE EYE CONNECTION. Women see,him as a very sweet guy, BUT THEN I RETIRED AND HE HAD FREE TIME, SUDDENLY HE LOST HIS WEDDING BAND, TOOK OUT CREDIT CARDS IN HIS NAME ONLY AND ALWAYS DENIEDE THAT HE HAD ONE, ALTHOUGHT HE NEVER CHARGES ANYTHING ON THEM;,I BELIEVE HE USES THEM TO HOLD MOTEL RESERVATIONS.I BELIEVE HE SEEING A 46 YEAR OLD WOMEM AND HE IS 71. I also have him on a tape recording talking to a person saying banana banana''''' I love you but again he denies it he just says I'm crazy. What I need is a good detective in central NJ any suggestions Please help, if I'm not crazy I will be, lost 32 pds and live on stress pills

Help please

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