Tell me what would you think is going on..?

by Allison

I've been with my boyfriend for 1 1/2 years now. When we got together, we were together every minute that he wasn't working and we communicated well, It was perfect!
But for the past 4 months, He has made excuses to leave or picked fights, I've caught him in so many lies. He used to basically live with me, Now I can barely get him to come visit unless he's getting something he wants. ( cigarettes, sex, money etc.) When he leaves, he tells me I can't go, And if i end up going where he is ( it's only like a half mile from here ) he's mean to me, tells me to take my dumbass home or something like that. I have cried and begged him to stay with me before and he'll say I'll be back in a little bit i promise and then not be back for 4-5 hours.People have told me theyve seen him places or with certain people ( like girls or some guys that would lie for him), But he says theyre lying or makes up an excuse for why he was around them, especially if i catch him with them, But if I go ANYWHERE, I'm accused of cheating and he tells me I'm a whore.I can't even go around my friends I had before me and him got together, But he thinks he can go around anyone and do anything. WHY DID HE CHANGE?? Why is he treating me like this? Someone please help.. I want our relationship to work because we have a 5 month old son together and I don't want us torn apart like that.

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He's cheating - "....It's all a defense/coping mechanism that us cheaters try to use. "
by: Anonymous

Hey girl.. sorry to have to say it, but he IS cheating and that's why he's accusing you of doing the same and/or assuming if you are out you are doing something you shouldn't.

He is trying to cover up his own bull$hit so he's picking on you. I realize you have a son together, but you really need to just get away from him.

No reason to stay with someone who treats you like that. I have cheated on my husband and am now going through a divorce and just let me tell you that you are probably BETTER off without him.

I didn't want to hurt my husband but I was ridiculously unhappy and decided to cheat. He found out. No way to go. Seriously. I hurt him so much more than if I had just said, hey, I'm not happy, I want out or I will start straying..."

So anyway, my point is he is cheating and that's why he's being so mean to you. It's all a defense/coping mechanism that us cheaters try to use.

Best of luck to you for a happy future (with or WITHOUT him!)

Trust your own instincts
by: Anonymous

trust your own instincts. if you were your baby would you feel loved in this situation? he needs help it sounds like he may be depressed cos he isnt rational. you desreve much better trust me 12 months ago i was in your situation however i have 3 kids. i survived and so will you. my kids dont even miss him they are much happier and i am also. it was trhe best thing i did. but also the hardest. surround yourself with support you will make it through. good luck

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