Tell tales signs

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Tell-Tale Signs of Cheating

Tell-Tale Signs of Cheating

One important thing to remember is that anytime a spouse begins acting differently then you better look into it.

Often it is subtle changes like wanting to go out and get some new clothes when they are not normally into what they wear; changing their appearance or being more in tuned to their appearance.

Watch out, because this is usually when someone has struck their interest or paid a little interest to them. My husband cheated on me after twelve years of marriage and I thought we were happy.

It is funny when I look back at the signals he gave off and I did know that something was unusual about them but didn't strike on it suddenly.

Men are weak and they do not know how to accept female attention without responding and often going too far.

Women are used to attention for the most part and learn early on how to cope with it. We usually take it with a grain of salt.

A man who really knows who he is and knows what he has to lose with infidelity may not choose that route. But is there are any weaknesses in his personality then chances are someone will help him in being the person he'd like to be.

They can be someone else with someone who doesn't know them. With us, they have to be theirselves. We may know that they are not cool, but she doesn't.

It is sad that a woman has to live her life always wondering such in the back of her head. It is surely not fair. Sometimes it seems you are better off just doing the same so you don't care as much. I am sure there are honest guys out there but I haven't found any yet.

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agreeing with your last comment
by: Anonymous


I understand
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way. I've been with my husband for 19 years... This is number 3. Number 1 caused us to separate... Number 2 caused us to separate... Number 3?? Well we're still in the process... She's a nut... I thought I was crazy but this woman takes the cake. My husband is her meal ticket and she won't let go. And me? Well I'm afraid all the time and am currently in counseling because of it. Yes, very sad. I love my husband but I'm getting to the point of letting go for my sanity.

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