The Day Before Valentines Day - Valenswines Day!

The Day Before Valentines Day - Valenswines Day!

Men and women, beware the day before Valentines day. Commonly known as Valenswines Day.

This is the day that lovers meet to celebrate their "Valentines Day". Its almost impossible for lovers to get away on Valentines day so they use this infamous day to cherish their affair.

With this information in mind, it is a very good day to bust your spouse in an affair. Pay close attention today because they will need to make up some off the wall excuse to buy time for their lover.

The excuse will usually require that they be away for a few hours. This is needed for them to properly celebrate Valenswines Day.

It may even be to your advantage to allow them the time away so that you have a chance to bust them together. Its no use to let them get out there without a plan on catching them in the act.

So once again, pay attention on this infamous day (Day before Valentines Day - Valenswines Day) in order bust them cheating.

If you have your own personal story about this day or if you just want to share some tips to help others, then please send it to me to help others.

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