The Fantasy Truth -"In another picture, naked men by her side"

I have been married for 6 years with a lady who is very smart & intelligent. Got two kids and living a quite content life. My wife being a business graduate was working in Asia and after marriage opted to get back.

She was quite sexy having a perfect bosom and never missed a chance to flaunt. When we got married I was happy to know that she was a virgin. As she was in the same company she kept on visiting her regional office in Asia. To me it was business as usual & never bothered about it rather took care of kids back home even taking leaves from my office.

One day I accidently opened her email a/c as I was looking for some scanned copy of document which she emailed me once. I tried some different p/w combinations randomly and one clicked, there I saw emails from one of her previous boss (she always admired him of intelligence & fitness)

Those were romantic letters telling my wife that he misses her a lot also of few secret meetings that they had during her visits. I got curious read more mails and found pictures of them together in different places.

Some in hotel rooms, other at different outdoor places. They were in bath tub, he was kissing her, holding her boobs. In another picture two naked men on her sides and she was holding their cocks laughing.

All this was very surprising and infuriating for me. Now i realized at times when we had sex and I reach orgasm she used to say 'next'. As she wanted more she had started all such stuff on her trips.

I then cracked her FB a/c and saw many more such nude party pics where she was with few men including her boss.
I dont know how to discuss this with her and how to keep my married life intact

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