The Game

by Robert Bigney
(Roseville, CA)

Beauty and charm held in the highest esteem
By men foolish and blinded to truth it seems
For he who judges by the exterior
Shall fail to see her darker interior

For when her embraces grow distant and cold
And his kisses languish unanswered and old
And the space between souls grows ever wider
Then her yearning heart has begun to guide her

She showers him with far too much attention
To craftily hide her truer intention
Love and adoration will dissolve to hate
As she cheats her lover for another mate

Subterfuge shadowed behind the subtle smile
Yet the feigned laughter and mirth betray her guile
She weaves a tangled web of deceit and lies
A curtain of alibis to blind his eyes

The bond between souls is permanently rent
As she surrenders to her darkest intent
Memories of love are forever erased
And stolen moments in time never replaced

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