The hurt of a good Wife

by broken herar
(tulsa, ok, tulsa)

I been married for 8 year and to someone I Though i knew and love me or so i though.

However we had problem like any couple but last year i got deploy overseas when i extended my reserve contract to help him out since he was getting out of the military.

I decide that since he wanted to move back home and was going to need support taking care of our 2 kids, he can move back home with his parent and i will help take care stuff and he user his unemployment and go to school.

However he decide not to wait and cheat on me with a high school friend. For a whole years, he claim it was just sex but i found out through text 7 month after i return. the he stop the relationship then.

I feel like you didnt think of me not even once and try to end this relationship, infact you didnt even think of the kids.

I feel he could have just ended out marriage instead of making me feel that i need to make a decision and that i am not giving him a change because he made a mistake.

A mistake is something you regret right after doing it not a whole year worth.I decide to wait on making a decision cuz his cousin die but I am thinking of letting him go.

The trust is gone completely due to the way i found out. he told hee he love her on text ,then said it didnt mean anything when he said it to her, and i feel like how about when you said to him.

I though about working out at first but now i feel like why.He said he didnt stop it because i was doing with him enough but when i came back i felt that he reject me and my that is no excuses.

The he said he was just mad cuz the house was not clean like he wanted but mind you i was the one working and he was home but he is like you made the mess you should clean it but i feel like that is a bunch of bull.

I honestly dont know what to do, cant tell wheather he really sorry because he is really hard to read, and this tearing me apart.

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