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by: Anonymous

fuck it!!

by: Anonymous

you never were the one
and its's all u truly sorry it was forced onto you .u forced it on your kids one by one.u made them and him what u were.
u couldnt help yourself.
he misses what he thought you were every second of every day.he misses the life you tried to make but never quite could with the childrens sicknessess and yourown
it;s your world you made it/look at yourself.
u never even said your sorry for the most sickening of all betrayals a woman or man can ever paula r tirado young cannon whoeveryour married to know and next and next!!!!!
its ok ..........
he will be alright after he builds himself again stronger more than you will ever be able to understand he is so regretful it wasnt ever what u said it was,you fade into memory now but please go with a clear soul knowing he dont hate you,he loves you and he nevcer will hurt you but you knew that.but i would make good and fix what u wrought in his life b4 you go,good luck in all you do paula,you are missed but you are not welcome in his life anymore,you are noever gonna be able to see the light in his eyes that only forever will burn for your loss,never be the centerof his world ever again.
you did that.grow up and realise what it is you do in your life and be a real role model for the kids whose lives are broken b4 its too late.
tell them the truth,get them help,your daughter sees it .she is a part of it.they all are
i truly sorry he wasnt the one to fix something that he never knew existed until it was stranglintg him in the hallway and secretly tryling to record him so you could get him goaded into something you know should be on your shoulders.i pray you never have to endure what he has endured because of you.
god forgive you god save you god envelope your pitiful tourtured empty heartlesssoul.
you can fix some of your wrongs and go on to be someones perfect woman but never again can you be with him,but you should look in the mirror.walk in the path you chose wisely we all gotta answer to him one day . im not perfect he isnt either.
but he will always remember the good few and how special they were and couldve been.but never could u be loved like u were.
its a shame its over/a shame its dead,
anger is a gift paula
hatred is the blessing that is the balm to heal the pain.
forgiveness is the salvation we all get in the end by god himself and those you make amends to.
but the sorrow is the everlasting emptines of knowing yall can never be again.
good bye.he told me to write this to burn but i wrote it here he had nothing to do with it i assure you he is in hell as we speak
you wil never know what he has gone thru
i pray u never will.
godbless you on this sunday morning.

by: Anonymous

out of his life
paula,i know your laughing at this and i know u always will have someone else ,but u truly were loved,u are the one that fucked it up
never a lie,never cheated,never stopped loving you and forgave you the second everytime u hurt him
he truly loved and will always love u
but a lovelesoul u aklays will be after 6 months u will always get bored,allways blame the other
always find fault where there is none
you need to look up narcicist and bpd
get help ,heal yourself be honest with your new men and yourself
lies are shallow and superficial i know u wanna be so much more but without serious help (professional help)
u will never know what true boundless passionate heartwarming forever stronger every day true love is.alwasy just in reach to be faded away forever.

truly a shame,u make it so perfect with your perfectly timed words and practiced arts of fakery and tricks and yu make a man feel like he is king of the world
read this

if you see with rose colored glasses forever they eventually fade to clear truth
u know what is real
u know what is truth
u know what u have done and he never deserved what u did to him and u should be a adult and get him out that legal nightmare hes been in a year.
u need to save what little bit of love he has left
u need to make good on your promises
u need to do him the one last favor and give him the dignity he deserved
but i am sure u wont
im sure u cant
your personality wont let u see what is real.
u will never be able to be that whitch u wanna be so desparatly
,truly in love and honest and loyal and forever.
u just cant because you are sick paula
its textbook.
its typical

by: Anonymous

just like your mom
ur kids hate u
ur father really hates u
ur family disowned u cuz you went against everything they stand for just for spite and u are just where u deserve to be
out of his life
paula,i know your laughing at this and i know u always will have someone else ,but u truly were loved,u are the one that fucked it up
never a lie,never cheated,never stopped loving you and forgave you the second everytime u hurt him
he truly loved and will always love u
but a lovelesoul u aklays will be after 6 months u will always get bored,allways blame the other
always find fault where there is none

by: someone else

you never were the one
you never were for me
say whatever you want to say about him
nobody believes you
its alll in the one little thing you did not the txt
not your lies about the fat ass or the scale guy
or the fag from taccoa
or the fag next door
or the tumblir
or the mechanic
or the stealing you really did do and got caught
and the drug tests u failed
or the lies u covered it up with
or the fact u always blamed him when it was u
or the fact u destroyed everything
or the factu took money from the gypsies
or the fact u were on drugs even b4 the dope
or you cheating with the fuckers at work
so who did what?
your fuckin deluded
it dont matter
he sees the whole picture now
he sees what u really were
he sees who went to the po and told em lies and then went to the cops and told em he choked u when u choked him
what goes around comes around
he never laid a finger on u and u know it
u beat him with the front door remember?
u choked him when ur kids were watching and then u record it and tell cops it was him hurting u?
just like u did a year b4
u really think he likes men?
your a fuckin moron
u got caught and u turned into what he hated worse than anything
a lying piece of shit
he only was on those sites cuz u were
webcam whores? thats you isnt it???
he saw the tinychats
u really act like that wasnt you on rofo?
you have played a really sick game and as usual u have another dummy to fool
your just mad he caught you
your just mad somebody beat you at your game
all u did was cover it with lies
all you did was throw him in jail for what you deserved to be locked up for
you should be in his shoes
you deserve to have everything taken.
you deserve tobe alone
strenghthed by it so much nobody will ever be able to hurt him again
this whole year u shouldve been in jail
lost ur job,been homeless
been suicidal
its shouldve been u
he never cheated on u
he never lied to you
nutcase!!!! whatever
whateverfuckin ,makes you look at yourself in the mirror and whatever lies you make yourself believe
it matters little
say whatever you want,it's better to know the truth about what u really truly are.
parasitic,narcicistic,psychotic,pathalogical,heartless,loveless,denemted,slutty,coldblooded tarnished,tainted,sick and forvever gone from his life!!!!!!
you know inside what really happened.say what you will about his sexuality,he thinks it's funny as hell@!!@!!
you never could run fast enough anyway
he always was alone.u are too fuckin old to play games but your ,mind is like a childs your

by: Anonymous


paula tirado u are a lyin bitch!!!!!
by: ryans law man

Ryan isnt allowed in gwinnett or.hall or allowed kn the godammed I internet
Gi ahead I know.ryan
You r lyin bitch ass go to hell stay.bacl on your facebook
craigslist. And.ykur tinychat sexcams
Ur a liar u.are the swinger whore .
Say whatu want ur a bitch lied ti the cops lied ti the judge
Ur a whore of the construction world and everybody.hates.u.
Im speakin for.ryam cuz he ain allowed ob the internet or to leace.the house cuZ ur a l I ar
I pity who u fir fuckinhis life up.

To Ryan
by: Anonymous

Its funny how you gave up your whole future because of one text message that I didnt write. Whats funny is I got the real story about what was ment by it but you were too in your own world to see and you know what I mean by that. I was either on the phone or with you 24/7 so how would I of cheated?? The drugs and the drinking made you believe that because you were self distructing and you wanted me to be part of it to punish yourself. You taught me to face up to things and never lie..that was the one thing I admired about I never lied to you. But when you started lying to me I knew it was over. That day I couldnt get ahold of you and you text me and said you had a wreck I was sitting at home crying hoping you were ok and trying to figure out how to get you another car and come to find out that was a total lie!!!!So where were you???? So you can have Haley or Crystal or Kelly and all the other scanks you want now. Its funny what comes up when you google your name...all the porn dating sights..its funny because it says your into couples now. I guess you Are into guys too. Something else I didnt know about you. So next time you tell the world I cheated on you get out of your demented alcoholic meth stooper and think first and realize it was you who cheated but you blame it on me to save yourself. And your right people who are crazy dont know they are,so look back at all the stupid stuff you accused me of and realize who is the crazy one. I will NEVER forgive what you have put my family through with all your lies. So go back to your web cam dating whores and all the drunks that cant even stand up and post it all over the internet like you do and think how good it makes you look. Your grandmother would be sooo proud of her drunk whore of a grandson.

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