The Other Cell Phone

I am trying soooo hard not to explode! Because I pay the cell phone bill in my household and am aware that my husband doesn't talk very long at all on the cell phone, became suspicious at a 38 minute phone call on his cell one morning while on his way to a work related training.

When I asked him about it, he couldn't explain not would he. He did at some point later, get another phone. A phone which I discovered the receipt for once I truly suspected that he was cheating.

He claimed when confronted about this 'other phone' that it was because I was trying to monitor his phone usage.

His work schedule allows that he is off during the week when I am at work as well as the fact that the most likely person he is involved with is someone he supervises at work.

Well, long story short; he denied everything. Then I had the dream that he had left me for another woman, which I immediately told him about.

Here is the kicker! The very day that I told him about this dream I caught him at this woman's house. He claimed it was an innocent visit related to her training (although he is not the person at 'their' workplace responsible for staff training (nor was he her immediate supervisor).

It is two days before Christmas and I am sadder right now than I've been in years. We have been married six years, seven months, and twenty-nine days.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just four months into our marriage. He basically was not there for me because (and I loosely quote: "He doesn't do illness well").

Oh, as the tears stream right now. I wonder why did I get married. Even though as I went through my treatments, I was thankful to have 'a husband' having been a single (never married) woman all my adult life.

This is my first marriage and his second. We have even had talk/arguments after finding him at that woman's house where he asked me if I wanted a divorce.

He says he does not believe in divorce, so he will stick our marriage out. He is not happy and I am not happy. I worked through my breast cancer treatments until becoming ill at work, I had my own insurance (which I still pay), I pay the utilities in our new home (I refused to improve on the house I moved into with him because it was heir property) His first wife divorced him because he would not buy her a home (among other issues they had).

Our sexual relationships went off course following my diagnosis and haven't gotten back on track since. Not to mention that he is diabetic with erectile dysfunction issues that I did not become aware of until after the marriage (I found the Viagra bottle).

I know I am just rambling now. I can't help it. I feel so out of sorts right now.

Okay, I forgave but did not forget the infidelity that I had positive proof of, although I DID NOT FORGET IT.

Now I have discovered and have proof that he has another 'other phone'. Mind you he still has the phone on our family plan (which I pay).

He makes almost four times the money I do (yes I work)!

So how long does anyone think it will be before I throw in the towel?

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Infidelity and illness
by: Anonymous

Premature illness of one?s spouse comes not as a trial of weakness or strength but as the acid test of both love and character.

Too often do caregivers fester in resentment. Too often do icons of society abandon a spouse, run, and rationalize.

And too often is this hardship flavored with infidelity, leaving the injured spouse in an abyss of helplessness.

And yet this very hardship could bring unforeseen emotional fulfillment to both partners in a relationship.

When the dust settles, what happens to the victims left to suffer, and to the burdened spouses who either walk away or remain?

For these predicaments as for so many other profound problems, debates continue by water coolers at work, around the table in our homes, through our heroes in the media, and of course between the pages of cozy novels.

The novel, Infidelity?s Fool, lets the reader live vicariously these convoluted realities of illness and infidelity that bully their way into so many lives.

Mannie Magid.

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