The Other Girl - A Poem About Cheating

The Other Girl - A Poem About Cheating

I finally just stopped asking There is no point, you see The times I push him for the truth He will just lie to me

Or he'll just be half honest He'll tell me where he goes But what he's doing with that girl Just he and God do know

He knows that I am jealous But how he makes excuse And when I tell him how I feel I only light a fuse

"I can't just stop seeing her You know she's a close friend Don't let this jealousy pain you Your little heart will mend"

I don't see why he protects That girl he cheats me for He knows it's nothing serious She's just his little whore

And oh, the way he says it As if he's blind and dumb To the fact that I've always known The shady shit he's done

Why do you stay?, you might ask Is he that much a catch? Is the love you have all that strong? Are you a perfect match?

And to your questions I say That no, he's not that great But I keep him 'cause every woman Wants him on her plate

And plus, the time that we've had Has been two years plus more He was nothing when we first met But then good looks he scored

Yet still I cannot help it I feel such pain each time I know he's sleeping in a bed That's not his and not mine

And though I'm always in pain I do feel slightly bad Because that girl just gets a taste Of what she'll never have

So both sides are depressing But if you couldn't see I'm not the girl I said I was--

The other girl is me


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