The Proof, Is In, The Footage

by Suzanne Marie McGaughey
(Phoenix, Az, USA)

I Have Been Lied To, For, So Long, I Know, W, Could No Be Trusted, At All, Let Alone, Tell Me The Truth.
This In Mind, I Knew, If I Wanted To Know, The Truth, As It Is, I Needed, To Do Something, Sly, Slick, & Smooth.
I've, Managed To Become, A Pretty Good, Private Investigator, Thanks To A Long Time Friend, In The Electronic Surveillance, Business, & Freeware Mobile & Computer, Downloads, I Checked Into.
W Is Always, Going To Be A Liar, He's Not Capable, Of Telling, The Truth, Especially, If He & His D, Are Incriminated, Or Accused, Of Anything, He Thinks, I Can't Prove.
I Had Gone, As Invited, By Him, To Spend The Weekend, With Him, A Few Weeks Ago, So, We Could Talk Things Out, See Where We Might Be, In Our Considering, Reconciliation.
I Was Glad To Go, Of course, I Had Other Motives, For Accepting, It Was My Chance, To Install, & Request a Proper Installation Check, As Instructed, By, My Friend, The Professional Electronic Device, Technician.
W Went To Work, Every Morning, For Three Mornings, In A Row, While I Was There, & I Just Hung Out, Watched Movies, Made Him Tacos, You Know, Like It Used To Be.
He Got Calls, From Cracker, Rita Cracker, But, His Phone Was On Silent, That Was, Fine, I Know Him, His Reasons, The Calls, The Numbers, The Messages, If Any, SPY, recorded, A Copy, For Me.
I Was Going To Move Back In With Him, He Needed, Help Paying His Rent, Didn't Want To Lose His Apt., Especially, Because, It's In The Convenient, Crack Queens, Vicinity.
This, Little Arrangement Was Made, After, SPY, was installed, after He Discovered, He Needed To Clean Up, & Tie Up His, Loose Ways, Prerecorded, Past Behavior, Crack Use,
& Sex With, D.
He Claimed, He Wanted Me To Move In, I Did, Too, For Two Or Three Days, Even Though, I Already Had, The Ugly Proof, As Well As, The Truth, I Moved In.
I Was A Wreck, Knowing What, I Already Knew, & Knowing I Had Some, Evidence To Gather Up, That I Caught On Record, I Had To Have, For Proof of DNA, His & Hers, Factual Information.
He Made Me The Apprentice P.I. That I Am, Because, He Can't Be Taken For His Word, It's Usually, A Big Fat Lie, No Little White Ones, Where, Wes Is Concerned, Hell No, He Lied, About, Everything.
He Needed Help, To Pay His Rent, He Hasn't Had A Good Paying Job, Because, He Can't Pass A Drug Test, As Much As He's Been Using, I'm Not Surprised, He's Content, He Has, Unlimited Crack, Supply, His Weakness, Extreme.
I Am Digusted, I Am Ashamed, I Am Nothing Like, Those Crack Hoe's He Sleeps With, & I Witnessed Some Horrible, & Pretty Disgusting, Activities, With SPY, I Couldn't Stay, Didn't Want To Either, Crack Is His Love, Not Me.
I Phoned My Friend, Contined Surveillance, A Sort Of Offline Kinda Way, Offline, Online, It Was Still The Same, Caught A Lot Of Information, I Could Turn In To The Police, But, I'm Going To Hang On To It, I Have Recorded Footage, To Review, Whenever, I May Start To Miss Him, & His INFIDELITY...

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