The signs point to yes...She says no they are friends

by Bob

My wife of 6 years and soulmate of 11 has recently pulled away, and become distant to me. After several stupid transgressions I had years ago via an emotional affair via the web, I've reversed my ways and threw myself into our relationship with our children full force.

Recently my wife who's co-worker already went through a bitter divorce and remarriage is looking at a new divorce and she's been lending him her ear. As this relationship was normal I thought nothing of it, until her recent behavioral changes, pulling away, yelling at the kids, finding reasons to go to bed early, only to wake up after I'd fallen asleep. She's also begun "grooming" which in our 11 years was an afterthought, and fixing her hair, showering, (for someone who rarely took one daily) is now a common thing and is generally getting prettied up.

Again all this wouldn't be an issue as she goes through mood swings and this happens, however she's now guarding her phone and deletes texts from this downtrodden co-worker routinely knowing I have issues with him now, stating she did this to avoid me getting jealous. She claims I'm driving her insane, and that her and this friend confide in one another...But that begins the affair...

I'm lost right now and don't know whether she is or isn't...I don't know what to think as I work an hour from home, and she works 4 minutes from our home, and his...

all she has done is just coincidental...or is it signs I'm looking at getting a Divorce Lawyer?

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