Therapeutic Soup For The Soul

by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Az, USA)

I Am Here, To Share My Honest Opinion,
For All Of You, Whose Search For Comfort,
Support, & Advice, To Survive, Infidelity,
Has Brought You Here.

This Site, SOAC, Has Been A Blessing,
A Great Benefit, & Quite Therapeutic Soup,
For My Soul, Mind, & Emotional State,
Survival, To Persevere.

I Can Openly & Honestly Say,
I Was A Total Emotionally Distressed,
Individual, When I Searched For,
"Surviving Infidelity", SOAC, My Choice.

I Was So Completely, Understanding,
Of All The Many Varieties, Of Infidelity,
I Stayed, & Read, A Few Different,
Selected Pages, Writings, With Voice.

SOAC Was A Positive & Beneficial,
Quite, Therapeutic, Way To Cope, Heal,
& Gain Guidance, & Understanding,
In The FACTS, Of The Matter, At Hand.

If Not, For My Ability, To Share & Express,
My Honest, Inspirational Emotions,
To Original, Creations, Submitted, Poetry,
Selected, Live Pages, For, Visitor Viewing,
on Demand.

I Thank You All, Here at SOAC,
I Am Grateful For,
All The Help You Were To Me,
From Feeling Comfort, Through The Worst,
To The Poetry, Inspired, True Words,
From My Heart.

To Be Able To Be Open & Honest,
In My Self Expression,
To Tell Of My Experience, Of Infidelity,
The Facts, I Lived, & Sought, Sites,
For Comfort & Support.

I Truly Believe, With All My Heart,
That SOAC, Gave Me The Exact Therapy,
I Needed, To Express Myself,
My Cheater, Situation,
& Help Me To Heal & To Cope.

I am So Thankful & Honored,
To Have Been Allowed, to Submit,
My Emotional Distress, On This Site,
Encouraging Support, Of My Poetry,
My Inspiration, Therapeutic Soup For The Soul,
& Survival, Hope...

Suzanne Marie

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