think my husbands lying through his teeth!! - "He stores a woman's number under a man's contact"

by Sharon

"He stores a woman's number under a man's contact in his phone"

Hi i don't no where to start i really need some help,it started in 2008 while we was on holiday he asked me to look after his phones while he went on the karts with my sons,he had a message on his work phone just asking why he wasn't in the pub last friday and they hoped to meet him in there later when i asked him he said someone sent it to wind me up,when we got home i rang the number from my phone and it was a woman who kept putting the phone down on me.this is such a long story so im going to cut it a bit short,so from july 2008 i was getting witheld calls five or six a day everyday for months my husband goes to the pub after work every friday for a couple of hours,but he started coming home later and later and drunk in September he got home at 9.40pm and at 9.47 i received a text saying is he home yet? when i asked who he had been in pub with he said just his work mates and didn't have a clue who it was texting,i witheld my number and rang and a woman answered but put the phone down on me,i was still getting witheld calls every day but would cut off soon as i answered,he was still coming home from the pub late and also deleting all messages and calls every day,in October he came home at 9.15 and at 9.30 i had a blank text from the same number so i lost it with him and he got really angry and said he didn't no who it was and that i should just ignore it and change my number so i grabbed his phones and checked every number and i found the number under a mans name Dave so i ask him why would one off his contacts be texting me again he went mad and then the silent treatment before he fell asleep,well it turned out to be a van driver who delivered parts to his firm he said he had known her for years and she was always in the yard,and he said he didn't no why she would do it when i asked why he had her name under Dave his answer was that was her bosses name thought that strange when it was her phone number.when i rang her she told me he was seeing his bosses daughter and they meet in the pub fridays and that she was trying to tell me without him knowing,he said she is a liar and that hes done nothing wrong,i no hes lying and im so confused,i've now found out he is texting a woman that works in the cafe he goes to he deletes all texts to her but forgets to delete his message recipients that shows me how many times they have text each other but not what was said i have not said anything to him about this yet im just hoping he will slip up and forget to delete the text,so thats it really is he lying or is it me being paranoid what ever it is its driving me mad and the trust i had in him after 22 years has gone.

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