by Tara
(Tulsa,OK, USA)

I met Tony Stansfield in 2009 while he was working on his cruise ship. While he is out to sea we chatted all the time. We met over a hundred times in Tulsa, OK through out 2009-2011. He told me the whole time that he was only mine. He was only staying with his wife because he felt responsible for her because she was mentally unstable. He also said that she was obese and had poor hygiene.If he wasn't there to get her to take care of herself she would never clean herself. I saw pictures of her and yes she appeared mentally not there and her appearance was horrid. I had fallen in love with this man and I believed every word he said. I know I was stupid. I recently found out that he has been seeing another woman since 2010 and he posted that he was her Master and she posted Tony's slave on yahoo pulse. This was as recent as July/Aug 2011 I also found out he has another regular woman in Tulsa. So that is three of us. I am sure he has told them the same as he has told me. I even set him up with myself and another woman last Dec. 2010 to show him how much I care about him. The last time I was with him was a week ago. Then I found out about the other women. He is a lying dog. He is a habitual liar to every woman in his life. I think the only reason he stays with his wife is because of money. I know its not because he loves her. He has had affairs since the day he married her. So girls beware! He is a smooth talker/con man. He can make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. If he contacts you run, run very fast away from him. He will cause nothing but hardship for you. Yes I was the other woman, Yes I was stupid. I feel like he conned me from the beginning. Knew exactly what to say to get me hooked. Still no excuse for my behaviour.


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Ashley Madison
by: Anonymous

he's on the Ashley Madison data dump. :)

Wish I had found this blog before.I met him
by: Heather

I had a three month physical affair with Captain Tony Stanfield in Tulsa from December 2011 till he went back to join Windspirit in March 2012. He also led me to believe ugly things about his home life and like a fool I believed him. I have been chatting with him for hours a day. I have planned on going on his cruise ship to spend time with him. We have even already made plans on what we were going to do when he returns to Tulsa. I now see that I have been played a fool. Did some checking his wife Tamra works at Tulsa University in the library. She is not the stupid idiot that he claims she is. Men like him should be castrated and tongue cut out

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