Too much

by Katie Guice

My heart
not like any other hearts,
will look till it finds its mark.
It has a mind of it's own,
a power so strong i've never known.
Nothing was ever your fault,
my heart,this selfish power, seemed to take away my ability to talk.
It strives off attention and want,
but to confess to you.... I could never be so blunt.
You see, I've committed an emotional crime,
I gave into my hearts temptation and created a memory I can't unwind.
My heart, oh my dear heart has a fear that runs deep...
If he knew... would he leave us alone to forever weep.?
My heart, so very afraid to be alone,
has sworn my mouth to secrecy of what i've done.
This mask my heart forces me to wear,
hides so much pain and anger I just cant bare.
I love you more than you could know,
but this pain and you i could never show.
I can't stand the thought of how you would feel
if I confessed to you and you knew it was real.
I want so bad to tell you everyday,
but this power my heart has... silent it makes me stay.
These tears are like acid against my face,
but this mask my heart requires, cover my disgrace.
The question that constantly runs through my mind,
Do I obey the power or do what is right?

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