Top 5 Causes of Infidelity

You Need to Know These!

What are the top 5 causes of infidelity?

Infidelity in relationships is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. Relationships are hard enough, and recovery from infidelity is a difficult feat to accomplish for most.

It seems as if every day you are hearing about another celebrity involved in an infidelity scandal. Are they cheating more today than years ago? Or are they just getting busted more because of technology?

Is marriage not as sacred as it use to be?

Below are the top 5 causes of infidelity: (based on recent online poll)

Emotional Dissatisfaction – This goes for both men and women. This reason was given the most in a recent survey that I did. People want to feel that emotional connection, and when it is lacking partners have been known to stray more often.

Sexual Dissatisfaction – There are several aspects of a successful relationship, and sexual satisfaction was cited as one of the more important ones. Too often, the stresses of life become too much and couples put less importance on satisfying their partners sexually. When this happens, a balance is lost in the relationship and it increases the possibility of a partner straying.

Low Self Esteem - A partner with low self esteem will need to find something to fill the void. Cheating unfortunately temporarily fills this for many people. In the long run, it is always more detrimental but it does make the list for top causes of infidelity.

Seeking Excitement – This one may not seem like it is a major reason for someone cheating, but it was also cited numerous times as the only reason for cheating by many people. They indicated that life became too monotonous, and cheating brought an emotional rush that spiced up their life.

Not in Love Anymore – Marriage is supposed to be forever, but when a partner falls out of love, infidelity is usually close behind.

"Infidelity crushed my marriage"

While these reasons were cited the most for why individuals cheated on their partner, they only represent a few of the many reasons for cheating.

What reason do you think should be on the top 5 causes of infidelity list?

If your relationship has been affected by infidelity, you may want to visit the infidelity forum to seek support from others going through it. Infidelity counselors are also a very good resource to help you through a difficult time.

Good Luck!

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