by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, AZ)

So Many Recently, Reported & exposed Cheater's, whether it be by text, porn sites, hoe searching, im, live-chat, telephone, or Lusting Flesh to FLESH, A cheater is a cheater, a factz. In my experience, To which, I Can Honestly, testify: For the Past seven years, I have tried and tried, and tried, over & over, again & again, to rebuild, & renew, TRUST, in a man, I Loved, dearly, but, 8 females, in 7 years, & ea time, he was caught, it was NEVER, EVER, what I Thought, a number, a call history, a Flesh to Flesh, Surprise & Shock, With His Chosen Hoe's. Always, Lie after Lie. I loved him, i did, but, that love, he has Destroyed, he always, came, to claim his Love, for me, his Promises to never again, he Loved and cared for, wanted only Me, his heart belonged to me, same ole Line after Line, of BULLSHIT!! He's a Habitual Cheater, No Doubt In My mind. Doubt, no Trust, always suspicious, I became, an unlicensed, Private Investigator, quite good at evidence discovery & collection, for confrontation, proof, & safe keeping, In My, TIME TO QUIT! JAW, was a Habitual Cheater, via, porn sites, chat sites, phone calls, face to face, txt, what else, is left, He Destroyed any Trust, I ever had or could have in him. He Never even, allowed any time nor reason to earn nor prove he could Ever again, be TRUSTED! Just when we would get back together, work things out build our relationship, & go on with our compatable, & mutually enjoyed, activities, all seemed so Hopeful & proceeding to proof, Positive.... NOT, sudden suspicious, behavior, a phone, call or Whatever, may have been, cause, Then Again, I'm DISGUSTED! "It's Not what You Think!" he'd say, ALWAYS THE SAME, IDIOTIC, Explanation, TRAMP after Tramp, Hoe after HOE, Porn Sites, Porn, Bitches, w/phone numbers, test messages, too, i'd be DONE, AGAIN, leave cry, fed up, & Angry at his Totally Dishonest and Habitual, CLAIM OF LOVE FOR ME, a Liar a Cheater, Only continuous & became more & more constant, investigated, & discovered, OBVIOUS, a Cheater, OBSESSED W/LYING, CHEATING, & Total, DECEPTION. Cheater, undeniably, untrustworthy, & not worthy of My Love, Not worthy of the precious time, I wasted on Him and His, Perverted Cheating Evil, Females, Hoe's, His, Habitual, Disgusting, & obsessive, DISTRACTION! Suzanne Marie...

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