Trust Betrayed

by Kelli A. Phelps
(Huntington, WV, USA)

"Trust Betrayed" - A poem by Kelli Phelps

Trust Betrayed

Kelli Phelps

Soft skin, hazel eyes that engulf
Two hearts beating together
Laughing, loving, two against the world

Strong arms, encircling to protect
Keep her safe from all that’s bad

would save her from you

Secrets, shared so willingly
Her deepest personal thoughts
Trusting enough to expose her soul

Short, one word answers
Promises never to be kept

don’t want to talk about it

Critical tongue, forked and sharp
You’re nothing; I love you
Get out; don’t leave me

She’s not the source of your rage
She becomes the object of it

she ever learn not to challenge

Failures, shared without reproach
Her strength is your weakness
her laughter, your ire

Blame her, control her,
Despise her, punish her

words abused as sure as your hands

Brown eyes, searching and questioning
You reward her with your lies
She’s doesn’t deserve your respect

another waits to take her place
a surrogate, willing to please

she ever learn not to challenge

Spirit shattered, like a broken mirror
Splintered shards reflect your deception
Your image too sinister to bear

Lies become your truth
A charade in which to hide

her small and you become superior

Lonely, broken and twisted
body, longing for your touch
torrential storms raging inside

If you believe it, it’s not a lie
She’s not worthy of the truth

can she ever be secure again

Trust Betrayed

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