Trust your gut no matter how much you think you can trust someone

by UNknown
(somewhere in hell)

Why Would Someone Say They Love You, Yet Cheat on You?

I broke up with my ex about 10 months ago. We had a rocky relationship, but i would have never thought that she would cheat on me, although there were so many signs and things that raised my eyebrow.

But half the time i wouldn't confront her because i didn't want her to feel like i didn't trust her. Bottom line, even though she still continues to deny it, i know she was cheating, lying, using me.

She is just evil. When i met her, she had a 5 month old daughter and was still with the babies dad. A week or two later she tells me shes moving out of his parents house because shes over trying to change him, and she doesn't love him, and blah blah blah.

Well we start talking and seeing each other for 4 months and then finally made it "official". Right from the beginning things just weren't right and it was very rocky.

But then 4 months into the relationship, we started having a really strong relationship and seeing each other often. This lasted for about 5 months.

Then again i didn't see her for literally 3 months straight and more than half the time she didn't have a cell phone because she couldn't pay her bill.

So the only contact we had was through email and even then, she wouldn't email me until i did and sometimes took forever to respond.

She had all these lame ass excuses about why she was too busy to see me and blah blah. But still i wanted to be supportive and be there for her and be a good partner.

I LOVED HER SO MUCH. And during that time, her mother had passed away and she was so broken so i couldn't leave her during that time. But the B.S. continued even after she moved into a new apartment, which i put down the deposit on it for her (which she still hasn't paid me back for that even a year and a half later)

For the remaining 5 months that we were together, i went inside that apartment ONCE and even then we had a huge fight and i slept in another bedroom and long story short, when i left the next morning, her exes (baby daddys) car was there!!

I was soo devastated and when i confronted her about it, she said she didn't know why his car was there and again BLAH, BLAH, BlAH.

How stupid could i have been to let that go and believe her lies. So many things happened that made me question her and all i wanted to do was believe her because she seemed so sincere.

i could talk about so many moments and things that should have just made me say ITS OVER, but i'm too broken right now to want to recall everything.

Towards the end, most of our fights were about her ex and why he was always there and why he was allowed to come over whenever the f*** he wanted.

That s*** ain't right. What about the respect for me and our relationship. I kept trying to pressure her into going to court and working out a custody agreement..

At the end of our relationship she would always try breaking up with me and i would beg her not to and ask her why and all she would say is i'm so in love with you and i don't want anyone else but you but we cant be together.

How the f*** is that supposed to make sense in anyone's mind?

We finally did break up once and for good when she told me that supposedly her babies daddy was dying of cancer and that's why he was always around to be with his child.

She told me that she was going to marry him so that she could make their time together the best for both.. What kinda cop out is that? She better hope she wasn't lying about him dying because how ironic would it be if he suddenly died soon for whatever reason.. SHES STUPID! Well that's it, its done right? NO.. because 5 months after we broke up she contacted me about how she needed help with paying her bills and that she lost her job.

So i was like why the hell ain't your man helping you pay your bills. So again she spun a story about how he is not working and that he is not her man and that she is just his CARETAKER. LAMO!

I believed her, i was still in love with her and i wouldn't ever wanna see her or her precious daughter on welfare or on the streets.

So again i loaned her money. ALOT OF MONEY. When i saw her that night she was really heavy and overweight. NEVER occurred to me that she was pregnant..

Well hear i am about 4-5 months after seeing her and i found out she was pregnant and through my research, found out that she got pregnant while we were still together and pretty much right around my birthday!! (and f.y.i i know the babies not mine because i'm a woman.

We were in a lesbian relationship) I'm disgusted that she was sleeping with me and him and that i pretty much had sex with her while she was pregnant with his baby.

I'm disgusted, i'm shocked, i'm extremely hurt, and still kinda confused.. I'm still processing it and it still feels so unbelievable to me because i LOVED AND TRUSTED HER SOO MUCH and she betrayed me in the WORST WAY POSSIBLE!

Conclusion. In my my mind and heart i feel like if not all, then most of our relationship was a lie. And not only did she cheat and lie to me, but she did to her ex too.

Because looking back on everything now, i believe he thought she and him were in a relationship. SHE PLAYED US BOTH and i hope he sees the truth one day. KARMA IS A BITCH. Remember that. That's why your life sucks. You have no job, money, car, you have 2 kids when you can barely support the one, and bad shit keeps happening around you.

I wonder why??? hm... And i no longer feel sorry for you.


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