by Anna
(Valley, Alabama, US)

He finally told me what I already knew, he still loves her. He says his heart is ripped in two, and that he still loves her.

He tells me he loves me, he says he wants to get over her, but I just can't believe him.

I no longer trust, i've been betrayed, but i just can't leave him.

I don't know why i'm not sad yet, maybe i've gone insane already, i don't know.

Maybe prayers really work, I have strength, maybe my heart won't let him go.

I don't understand, help me, i'm lost.

I'm starting to find out that love's a large cost.

I've climbed this tree of your love, I'm so high. but now I've found that it's fake, and now I'm falling, let me die.

Don't keep doing this to me, love, your every word reads 'lie'. I think we may get through this, but first let me go cry.

Everynight he said something sweet, i thought of how he used to say it to her. but now i think of how he sends us both the same message, and how his mind must be a blur.

I know she's prettier than me, but she's already taken. I'm talking to the true love of her life, and now he's fairly shaken.

A damn good liar, dear, you really are. you've left my mind with hatred, my heart with a scar.

I'm going to leave you someday, when I get the nerve. I'll kill what's left of your blackened heart, you'll get what you deserve.

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