Vacation mishap - "he could live with me having the affair but wanted nothing to do with a bi racial child"

by Wendy K
(Pennsylvania USA)

My husband and I needed some time to rest and relax from our busy lives, we booked an all inclusive trip to an island, arranged for my parents to watch the kids and off we went, everything was going great, lots of sun and we spent good quality time, my husband went golfing one afternoon while I relaxed poolside, the young host kept bringing me rum, after my 5th one I could feel the sun an the rum starting to take its toll on me, the young host suggested I get out of the sun for a bit and put some lotion on.

I agreed as he escorted me to a small private cabana. Once inside he started rubbing lotion on me touching places he shouldn't have. I couldn't believe a man half my age was touching me and had me very aroused.

He sensed it and kissed me. I tried to stop him but couldn't, next thing I knew I was giving him oral. He removed my bikini and laid me down, he easily went inside me with the largest penis I ever saw or felt. He finished inside me quickly but kept going, I never felt anything like it before as he just used my body for his pleasure.

Making me cum numerous times as he unloaded inside me again, we kissed, said our good bye and I went back to my room for a much needed long bath. When my husband returned I was in bed, still feeling the rum and sore.

He tried to get playful but I just couldn't, from that moment he suspected and even said how the different workers looked at us with a smirk or a smile. When we returned home he still questioned me and I denied it till no end.

A few weeks later I was late and a trip to the doctor wasn't the new I wanted to hear, my husband did not like the news either as he had a vasectomy after our second child.

When I confessed of who it had to be he was furious and said he knew it, he could live with me having the affair but wanted nothing to do with a bi racial child, I am now a single mother of three, the affair was definitely not worth it as it changed so many lives

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