Vacation - "She says everything was innocent.."

by Alex

My wife and I went away on a vacation with a big group of people along with our kids. The day that we arrived we met another couple who had flown in to meet our other friends who i had never met before.

A group of 20 of us had gone out for dinner and the other couple had not joined us but later met up for drinks at the hotel bar. My wife was enjoying her night and i was getting tired and my stomach was upset from either the food or the prior day of drinking so I decided to go back to the room and lay down.

Twenty minutes later I went down to the hotel bar to get a drink of water and saw the other married man and my wife at the bar and he was rubbing and flirting with my wife, I thought this was inappropriate and I knew my wife would brush him off so i continued up to the water station filled my glass up and walked by the bar again and it was still going on.

This was a man we had just met and his wife was also back in her room with their kids. As I walked by I turned around and the rubbing was still going on and she made no attempt to brush him off, I really thought my wife would do this and she did not.

I returned to my room and did not really think to much more about it until I returned and sat by the pool out of view from anyone and by this time I had found out that my wife, this man and a few others had gone out to a club.

I had battled a really bad stomach this night and just decided to sit by the pool where the bar had closed and nobody was around. The next hour say 2:00am my wife had returned from the club with her group and this man where I witnessed the both of them walk ankle deep into the water and hug each other and kiss, I was 30 feet away from them and they did not know I was there.

My heart was broken and I was in shock I could not believe what I saw,she said it was kiss on the cheek and nothing happened he said the same, from my vantage point it looked not very good.

From everything that happened earlier on in the night that I saw this final moment was devastating. She says everything was innocent and nothing happened I just cannot get the image out of my head.

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Put a Stop to it...NOW!
by: Kekoa22

1. Tell her what you saw was totally inappropriate.

2. Tell her what YOU plan to do and take action!

3. Close any joint financial accounts you have with her name on it.

4. Prepare Divorce papers that can be executed if and when you have evidence of her going astray ever again. Show it to her!

5. This is a *War of the Roses*. You must be prepared to fight for your marriage if you truly care to save it. If not, just have her sign the papers. Good Luck!

c'mon man
by: Anonymous

dude, know he at least fingered that pu**y, probably got a GOOD blowjob.

by: Anonymous

So what if she was having some fun? It probably did a lot for her ego. Life is short then we die. Is she leaving you? Hell no. When my wife goes out I tell her to have as much fun as she possibly can, whatever or whoever that might involve. If I walked in on her while she was using her vibrator, would I be mad? Nope, as long as she's enjoying it. Same if she was being pleasured by another man.

Agree with the previous poster
by: Anonymous

Take care of this now! It may appear innocent now but obviously your wife would not have told you about this "innocent" encounter. Lying by omission is still a lie. I just found out my husband has been pulling the same sh*t on me; he has been going drinking with his "buddies" after work. One of these buddies is "just friends" "Jen" who is 23 years younger than him. Trust me take care of this now!

take care of this right now!!!
by: Anonymous

the atmosphere was not innocent. you need to seek consuling becuase she will never admit to the deed. if you were never there she would have never told you about it. this is serious and you need to take care of this pronto. im sorry to say the fact that she is just brushing this off means she is taking you for granted. she loves you but for some reason senses that you will not leave becuase of this so there is no sense of urgency.

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