hi need to find out if im being paranoid.i always have to force wife to have thinking she has no desire for me and seems to always push me away.her and my kids went on vacation for a school function i didnt go.wife calls me 4am crying telling me how much she misses me.not sure whats going on there but she acts like she hates me and could careless.your thoughts thanks

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by: Anonymous

3 times a month. 12 yrs. thats the norm for me.

Medical issues
by: Anonymous

You need to be more sensitive to her needs; she could be having a hormone issue, or she could be depressed. Go to a doctor before you start assuming things.

Answer to Vacation
by: Kelli

You didn't mention her age. She might be going through some hormonal changes. This can cause decreased sexual desire.

If she is under a great deal of stress, financially or career-wise; this could also cause decreased sexual desire.

Weight-gain can cause her to feel insecure about herself or illness could also be the cause.

None of this indicates she doesn't love you or want you. In fact, she made need you to reinforce your love and desire for her.

Her moodiness could also just be the result of any of the above, or could indicate an organic disorder or deficiency of some sort.

Try not to read something into it that probably isn't there. Be patient and supportive; show her you care about her. Talk to her. Listen to the answers she gives you.

Encourage her to make an appointment with her gynecologist. Make the conversation about your concern for her well-being and what might be going on with her and not simply about your physical needs.

Your needs are important also, but don't let this drive a wedge between you.

She might just surprise you.


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