Warning Sign of Cheating...or just stupid? - "I realized his scrotum had been shaved! "

by Confused

Hubby (of 13 years) and I were in the midst of foreplay when...I realized his scrotum had been shaved!

I was like what the...so I put on the brakes and said "you wanna explain this" He was like "uh, what do you mean?" So I pointed out the new "do" Johnson was sporting and he says "I did it for you in th shower this morning". Yeah right!

We've been together for almost 19 years and this never came up before, I definitely never even hinted at being interested in that!

I would much appreciate some opinions, especially from the guys, would you do this...and if so why?

Thanks to all who respond.

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Yeah, my husband did the exact same thing..."Once a cheater, always a cheater"
by: Anonymous

and I went on to his email when I was on vacation with my kids and I found an airline receipt for 2
tickets to Florida.

Plus, he was always just leaving to go to events or go down to Florida to visit this block of land he bought and then he pissed off to New York telling me he was going to visit a dentist there...yeah, right.

There's nothing you can do to stop them, they
all lie about it and try and play us wives as
being paranoid. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

yes he is
by: Anonymous

oh hun he is ssooooooooooooooo cheating on you....

Scrotum shave
by: IdidIt

I did it once for shits and giggles, then had my wife feel it later to see if she liked it better or not. I've never cheated, I was just messing around. Some times guys just mess with stuff for curiosity.

Curiosity - "...i felt a little embarrassed to let my partner know I did it out of choice"
by: Anonymous

To be honest him saying that he did it for you could be to cover up the fact he is a little embarrassed to admit he decided to have a trim, the first time i randomly decided in the shower to give the fella a little tidy up it felt strange and i felt a little embarrassed to let my partner know I did it out of choice.

Maybe shaving pubes adds spice
by: Anonymous

i noticed this past summer that all of a sudden my wife had shaved down there with no input from me.in november she took a flight to fla. & hasnt returned. was supposed to been four day trip. had found old boyfriend on facebook.lives with him now. was marrird 31 years. had met him over the summer.

I did this
by: Anonymous

I started doing this for my wife a while ago. I thought it felt good and would make her attracted to me. Something different. Now I do it all the time. You have to have more than that to suspect him of cheating. If your worried, get a keylogger and install it on your computer. All in one keylogger is great. It helped me catch my EX wife.

My 2 cents
by: Anonymous

I say go with your gut! I've been married for 13 years with my husband for 17 and he did and still does the same...found out he was cheating a year ago with my best friend his best friends wife. It went on almost another 7mths after I found out and then found out again. Be vigilant and be sneaky. Don't let on yet you think something is up or he may just get better at hiding it. Mine did. I truly hope he is not for your sake. In the mean while think of ways you can spice up your relationship see how he responds and try to focus on whatever healing you may both need..:)

by: Anonymous

I don't think that in and of itself is a sign that he's cheating; he probably just came across an article that suggested it for spicing up your sex life and is too embarrassed, scared, or ashamed to tell you that he would like to mix it up a bit.

Or he got a wild hair up his bum and decided "Why not?" That seems more likely, actually.

Ooo, I just made a pun. You know what I mean. ;)

by: Anonymous

I would have thought he was cheating. My husband started shaving there too... found texts that he was talking to another woman. go with your gut.

Maybe Not
by: Anonymous

I don't think your man is cheating...after some time, relationships can get pretty boring, maybe he was just trying to spice things up? I just bought myself a toy. my husband saw the order form and thought i was cheating, too! But honestly i just wanted to try out new things in the bedroom.

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