Was it really cheating?

by Lulu

Was it really cheating?

So I think I cheated, I need help and want tips from anyone that could help me not loose by partner of almost 5 years. Ok this is how it goes.
Before my husband I was together with my ex for 6 years and living together we split up but left each other in bad terms. After all this time we never kept in touch, but then almost 3 months ago I receive a letter from him and tells me that he still loves me unconditionally. Well I felt bad for the guy because he is behind bars and is doing like 4 years in prison. I decided to write back which I did after that letter I wrote another one, okay this is where I totally messed up... In this letter I call him my love and my signature was love always and to top iit of I ps. l love you. This letter has been there laying around and never did sent it. My husband goes through my purse and finds it. I really love my husband I don't know why I wrote all this stuff to my ex when I didn't really mean it. I kept the letter two months without sending it to him I did realize it was stupid for me to be there after all he did to me. So now my husband thinks this was cheating and now he wants to leave me. Was this really cheating and how do I make him not leave me? Please help

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