Way out weird. Every time I Confront Him About Cheating He Yells at Me

by Lilly Rose


My story is quite weird. I just cant figure it out. I have been a relationship with this man for 7 years. I have been told stories. Pretty outlandish. But now I am thinking hum.

I worked and my boyfriend retired early. Well, needless to say I started online school and then he became different. I was doing this for us to have a better life.

Well, all these things started happening. He was in the truck i bought him and he was drunk with another girl. Yes another girl. He says, he was delivering wood. We live in a country setting and he was know for all the wood he would cut.

No pun, and he offered this girl 20.00 to help him. I could see that especially up here. Got into a wreck in my driveway with the girl in his truck. They crashed into a tree right next door.

Yes, right next door needless to say I had been sick the doctor gave me a shot and I slept through the whole ordeal. When I woke up the neighbors said," Oh my god you didnt see what happened I said no," Ive been sick.

I was sleeping the neigbor told me. He came home and the other neighbor was here with me and I just looked at him she left. He told me the story. He said," He hit a boulder down the road it came off the hill. I could see that it has happened so many times before then. He came home from jail.

The next day he had red bumps all over his body. I took him to the ER. I hate the hospitals they gave him some cream and that was the end of that. I said," What did they say, he said it was from the jail. I thought that could be possible.

Then I talked to another friend of mine and that has been out of town for years. I saw her in the store and she said," We would hook up and then 3 months later we did she didnt know who I was with. When she showed up at my house I knew she was upset about something.

We had a few drinks a week went by and she showed back up at my house and was crying. She said," That's your truck right I said Yes, she then told me about she was walking her dog down by the bridge and him another friend of both of ours was with him hes know as a big flirt.

She said," My boyfriend pulled up rolled down the window and told her how beautiful she was. I said," Really, she said Yes, she didnt want me mad at her. I said," Im not mad at you . I contronted him and he said, "Oh no that was glenn and he was the one.

Then things started to get really crazy. THere is this older woman in her 70 a doctors wife and he works for her everytime she comes up here. She calls he runs over there. He said it was because the money is so good.

Then I noticed he started drinking more and going over there. Then it got really weird. I noticed 26 bottles of huge champaign. I said.:" What in the hell. She come up from the city leaves her husband that is a doctor down her and brings up her friend that is younger about 69.

She wanted to meet me and when I did I noticed some weird things going on. She would ask me to go with them to dinner expensive dinners. Then she would say things like her friend she pays her to be her friend.

She started treating people that waited on us like they were nothing. And then when she was done with her meal she would leave them huge tips 200 -300. The champaign thing was weird how could two woman drink 26 bottles of champaingn in 4 days.

My mind started to think crazy shit. He even said," WOw, they drink alot of champaingn I said yeah. Then it got weider and weider. She told me that he was over there dancing with his shirt off. I then proceeded to ask him.

He then told me he was happy and was dancing. I thought sure. He then said," he talked to her and not to say things to me because it sounded bad. Help me I a dying here. I dont want to die of AIDS of something.

Everytime, I say something about this he yells and screams and then calls his mom and gives me the phone I am left talking to her. He says, my mom knows me and then hands me the phone and leaves the house.

I dont know what to do . I know hes cheated on me I can feel it. He says he never has. He swears on the eyes of all his kids. I dont know what to do. I am getting to the point of leaving. Can someone please tell me what to do.... CONFUSED IN A BOTTLE>

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