We have a baby on the way.....but he has one on the way with her too!

by Broken



"We have a baby on the way.....but he has one on the way with her too!"

We lost our second child on March 29, 2010....it was a little girl. My husband's ex girlfriend is expecting as well and her due date is the day before mine was.

Unfortunately, on my birthday, exactly four weeks after losing our little girl....I actually caught him cheating.....with her.

I had previously suspected that he was lying and so I done some investigating for myself and found out that he had been seeing her and exchanging "dirty" text messages and emails.

On the afternoon of my birthday he called me and told me that he was on his last job of the day and that he would call me on his way home. I knew that he was lying and was going to her house. So, as I was speaking to him I got in my car and headed toward her house.

During our conversation he told me how much he loved me and how much he had enjoyed making love to me that morning before he left for work. Ten minutes later I was sitting on the street outside her home looking at his truck parked in her driveway.

The love of my life, the father of my children, had hung up the phone with me as he was pulling into her driveway and was now inside her house. I proceeded to pull my camera out and take pictures of his truck in her yard because I knew that accusations without proof would be useless.

He did call on his way home and I spoke to him as if there was nothing wrong. When he arrived home I very calmly showed him the pictures from my camera and told him that I had taken them within 10 minutes of our phone call.

Eventually, he admitted that he had cheated on me with her. This admission was followed by the usual "it was only one time and it was a mistake....it will never happen again". Eventhough he adamately denies getting her pregnant, the fact remains that she is carrying his child.

He got her pregnant within 24 hours before getting me pregnant. Unfortunately, my little girl is in Heaven now and she is wearing wings. He has destroyed my feelings for him. Yet, I still love him.

My eyes are bright blue and never hide the truth, but I do succeed in putting a smile on my face and hiding my pain from the rest of the world.

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