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Web Watcher is an award winning computer software monitoring program that puts alot of information in your hands in and easy to evaluate format.

Webwatcher is unique and special because it allows you to monitor more than one computer at a time. I have not seen another computer monitoring device that can do that yet.

I am pretty sure you will be impressed with the capabilities of this remote computer monitoring program. 

Key Features of Web Watcher

Allows you to read every email they send

You can see Every Instant Message or chat

See every webpage they visit and how long they stay on each page

Track Key Strokes - by tracking key strokes, you will be able to capture account passwords as well.

This software allows you to take screen shots of the webpages they actually visit including video.

Monitor multiple computers from any location Web Watcher is the ONLY Computer Monitoring software that lets you monitor as many computers as you want. All other programs are meant to monitor a single computer and despite what they may claim, cannot intelligibly record data from more than one computer. With WebWatcher, you can see computer activity from multiple computers as it happens or look back through all of the recorded data.

They offer 24/7 Customer Support after purchase

Their customer support is very easy to reach either by phone, email, or even instant messaging from their website.

It's easy to install & use The program is extremely powerful and easy to use. Begin using immediately, without having to read a manual.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back WebWatcher stands by their product and if you are not 100% satisfied, they will issue a full refund. So there is no losing if you purchase their product. You get what you pay for or you get your money back. That simple!

Award-Winning blocking capabilities WebWatcher's advanced blocking capabilities are unmatched. You can easily control Internet access with a few simple clicks. Block by website category (pornography, gambling, shopping, etc.) or only allow access to the specific websites you choose. Virtually unlimited flexibility allows WebWatcher to keep the bad stuff out without being too restrictive like other blocking software. 

"Computer Monitoring Software Review"

This was our Webwatcher Review, and we will add more to it as this product is further explored. Please visit our other computer monitoring software reviews for information on comparable products. 

web watcher review

Do you know what your spouse or significant other is doing online? Do you want to find out? WebWatcher is the World's best software for tracking; Emails, visited websites, and instant messages all in real time. Best of all you can try it for FREE! CLICK HERE to learn more.

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