What Are Possible Causes of Infidelity?

The Real Reasons Explained

So you are wondering what are possible causes of infidelity. Well cheating and infidelity happen for many reasons, but usually there is an underlying factor that is much more complex than just sex.

In this article I will discuss several of these underlying issues that may be contributing factors to this infidelity epidemic.

Reason and Possible Causes of Infidelity Explained

Major Changes In Life – Whether we are prepared for it or not, life keeps moving at its own pace. For some people, these changes are simply too much to handle. When this happens they are extremely susceptible to infidelity. These changes may include events such as loss, death and even things such as job promotions.

Wanting Out of a Relationship – Communication in any relationship is extremely important. When people are in a happy relationship effective communication is sometimes still difficult to come by, so imagine the breakdown in communications when things aren’t going so well.

Sometimes consciously or subconsciously, a partner may want out of a relationship and disregarding the commitment of the relationship may be their first step in that direction.

Expectations Not Met – We all carry with us our very own expectations of what a happy marriage should be. When harsh reality hits, many people become very disappointed, frustrated and sometimes this unfortunately leads to infidelity.

Unrealistic Ideas of Marriage/Relationship – This is similar to the above. Once again, our idea of marriage is the fairy tale. You do not grow up imagining all the future fights with your spouse. You certainly don’t imagine all the sleepless nights you will stay awake with your crying baby. Well marriage is full of these un-imagined events that send many running into the arms of others.

Attention Seeking – You always hear that after the birth of a child, the husband quickly becomes number two on the list in the eyes of the wife. The attention the husband use to get, is now given to the newborn. There are also plenty of instances where changes in life leaves a spouse feeling neglected. A major job promotion may keep one spouse at the office longer, leading to the partner feeling neglected.

The above are all realistic possible causes of infidelity that any family should be aware of. It takes two well rounded individuals to sustain a healthy relationship. When one or both partners in a relationship become unbalanced, the relationship will be at risk for infidelity.

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