What Causes Married Women to Cheat?

by Scott

 What Causes Married Women to Cheat?

What Causes Married Women to Cheat?

So just what causes married women to cheat on their husbands? I have visited many forums today in regards to this topic and it was quite interesting to find out that the reasons for their infidelity was across the board.

Some women cheat to discover things that they believed to be missing in their relationship. Men on the other hand will not go into a marriage expecting more affection than what he is was currently getting in the years to come. The everlasting joke around men is that, “when you get married all the sex stops”.

One particular lady made a comment that she cheated on her husband because he was always accusing her of having an affair, so she decided she might as well have one. She stated that she was miserable in the relationship because she felt that she was constantly defending herself from his accusations.

Is that what causes married women to cheat?

Another reason for the extra-marital affairs of women was that their husbands weren’t appreciating them as they use to. The truths is, when couples first get together and fall in love, they both do the little things to show each other how much they care for each other.

But with time, the relationship gets taken for granted and for many women this opens up the door for them to step out on this relationship. With the perception of a failed relationship, many women jump at the opportunity to engage in an affair that promises passion that is so missed.

Whether it is a man or a woman, it seems as if relationships today just don’t involve as much communication as it once did.

The technology that’s moving us ahead at breathtaking speeds is also distancing us in our relationships as well. The relationships are more impersonal now, with text messaging widening the gap.

If someone wanted to hear from their loved one, they use to pick up the phone to hear their voice. Long gone are those days!

What I also gathered from the forums was that many of the women who were cheating, still claimed to love their husbands and absolutely didn’t want to hurt or leave them. It is indeed the, “have your cake and eat it too” syndrome.

With this thinking, they believe they can maintain the affair while keeping the stability of their marriage. They also believe that their husband is too busy “not caring” that the affair will continue to go unnoticed. They are right until they get caught!

I would love to hear your thoughts on what causes married women to cheat.

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by: Anonymous

These days women have the tools to cheat with, the cell phone , the lap top and of course the good old girls network. A woman will tell her girl friends things she would never tell her husband.The husband is always the last to know , he is usually in denial or to busy with work or just plain too trusting. In the end everybody suffers when people cheat, the husband , the wife , the lover or lovers and anyone who has the dumb luck to get in the way.

cheated on by girlfriend of 7 years...
by: Chris

Hi my name is chris have been in a relationship for just a little over 7 yrs thought everything was going great until recently evidence of my soon to be wife was having sexual and emotional affair with an ex-boyfriend after many days of talking and screaming she confessed which I already knew the facts it took a month to get it out of her. From my understanding it didn't get hot and heavy until July of 2013 which she lost her dad earlier that year and had some surgery that would or could cause some hormonal influx I was there sexually but I think emotionally I wasn't which led to go a stray to find that emotional void that was created and yes some of the distance was caused by me gaming to much but like I told her it had a damn power button so really can't use that as a really good reason so really I don't know if anyone has input let me know thanks....

Thinking About It
by: Anonymous

My hubbie was very much taken by a beautiful Korean woman who used to work with him. He so enjoyed watching her sashay right in front of him when she would leave her work station. She was/is married to a very nice man. She left the company mainly due to "female gossip" about the two of them (it intensified). I doubt they had anything going sexually. She still calls him occasionally and he will talk to her even if I am sitting right there ... she is incredibly beautiful and sexy (and great personality). I see it as two people who probably experienced sexual chemistry on the job...let us face it. The work place is highly sexually charged and marriage becomes mundane after awhile.

My situation: where I work a male supervisor (not my super) has been finding time to come to my office to talk. Since I also have receptionist duties, he will hang around the front desk and his body language lately has been very telling (leanly toward me, almost in a conspiratorial fashion). He is just my age, maybe a bit older/younger. He is into what I am thinking and feeling. I have become quite excited by it, although my actions towards him have not revealed this (and I even acted out 'hard to get' and rude last week). But he is in my thoughts a lot. He acts like I am a fascinating butterfly.

EGADS...I really believe he is interested, but like me, he will put up strong defenses about letting it show.

I could be headed for something...don't know.

Cheatingn with the boss - "Part of me wants to fu** the mess out of my boss"
by: Anonymous

Im n a good relationship,my guy has cheated on me in the past and i forgave him,recently i have been sexually attracted to my boss and the p is mutual. Part of me wnts to fu** the mess out of my boss in part of me doesnt. I luv my guy so much but i always think about the past and wnts to get revenge lol. I even made a date to go out with my boss over the weekend jus thinkin about him mks me feel good, and the crazy part is he is married, wht am i gettin myself into!

by: Anonymous

I definitely admit I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I never intended for him to find out.

I just was miserable at home and was too chicken to end it. I SHOULD have ended it and then went crazy... but instead I just started using Craigslist and found so many new play mates...

And then he found out and now I'm in the middle of a divorce. Again, I never intended to hurt him. I did love him. I guess I thought I could have my fun and then when things at home got better, just stop.

But that's the problem. If you are out having fun, things at home can't get any better... :(

A Big Messy Accident - "Someone is going to get hurt"
by: Anonymous

It started out to be a little fun in a chat room. I had never been on one. I had been drinking wine and started making random flirting comments to what was going on in the chat.

After about three weeks a regular asked me to private chat. I have been married for 21 years and I love my husband.

He had cheated on me out of desperation two years earlier and a few times before, I remember how hurt I was.

He also has been too close to a friend of mine, I have been to tired to care. We have been working on forgiving each other ever since.

I had an instant attraction to this chat regular, and we have been carefully dabbling in the sex part over the internet.

Before this I had become frigid, and numb. I have been making love with my husband like we did when we first met. Problem. The regular is now saying he is in love with me.

Someone is going to get hurt. To let go of what the Regular does to me is going to be hard. He makes me feel so good. I am so sad about the whole thing.

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