What I Feel....."Depressed and all alone"

by Lyli Ruiz

"Depressed and all alone..."

I don’t pretend to be a perfect person but I just want to know when will I find my release? When will I find peace?

A place where pain doesn’t exist. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel like this? Am I going crazy?

I’m so tired of being here. Depressed and all alone. I wish that I could just leave. Time cannot erase this pain; it is far too deep inside me.

I’m bound by this life you left behind and that is the vile truth. I want to scream and release all that I feel. I try so hard to tell myself that you are gone never to come back.

I’ve been alone all this time waiting for you but now I feel that I am dying and it won’t be long before I’m completely gone.

I don’t see bright colors anymore. There is only black all around me. I sink deeper in to the darkness.

There is no one to save me from the blackness coming over me. My heart has turned black and is dying. Love will never come back for me.

I look inside myself and all I see is blackness and regret. My whole world is black, nothing in sight except for more black.

I don’t see a way back to the light only a lonely dark road ahead that is meant for me to travel all my life in solitude because you broke up our once happy home.

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