What I wrote about....this is how he feels about me what do I do?

by Dallas Corey
(Port Mansfiled Texas U.S)

His dreams are heaven and as he awakes all he can do his look to his side and see her beautiful face.

He shouldn’t be here but he knows if he goes back his heaven will turn into hell. As she awakes he can’t help but look into her eyes for she is the reason he is in one piece.

She saved him when he had nothing else, and he knows no matter how wrong and forbidden there love is, he would do anything for his young lover.

As she turns over and lays her head on his chest he pulls her to his body and has no intention to let go. She kisses his lips and all he can think is how his time is almost up and he has to go.

She gets up and makes her way to the kitchen, he can’t help but stare. He lies there alone and starts to get unsteady.

He always gets like this; she is all he thinks about, all he needs to get through the day. He sits up and hides his face in his hands and starts to think.

How did his life turn into this? How did it turn into a game he doesn’t want to end? She is his world but she will never really be his.

How could he put her through this? How does she do it, why does she stay around? Why doesn’t she go and find someone new?

Someone that will give her all of them; Someone that will not only stay the night and will stay forever?

How he wishes he could stay forever. She is his angel and as the clock ticks he knows he will have to return to his once very loved wife, but there love has fallen and the fire has burned out.

Now he plays the role of husband and father in a world he no longer has the strength to pursue.

When he’s with his angel his world is complete, and so his is heart. He hides there love, for no one can know.

As he rises he morns the time they will spend apart. He walks into the kitchen and as his angel lifts a cigarette to her lips his hearts skips.

He can no longer explain why he loves this fallen angel, but knows she can’t be anything less than his angel.

He kisses her lips and put his forehead to hers and smiles. She knows like many times before that this means that he must go.

She smiles back and watches him walk away as she takes another drag of her cigarette.

He goes puts on his clothes and sits and stares at his angel. She looks up and walks over to him. As they talk he pulls her on his lap, and gets lost in her smile.

As he always does. There night has come to an end and she kisses him goodbye, it takes all his strength to walk out the door.

He leaves only to return, for he will always return to his fallen angel.

This is how he feels about me what do I do?

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