What is Second Life?

Beware the Dangers of Second Life and the Virtual World 

So What is Second Life and a Virtual World?

You may have already heard about the virtual world phenomena and that is just what Second Life is.

In this popular Internet role-playing game, people can create a virtual identity for themselves, choosing such things as their age, sex, and appearance. These virtual characters then do things that people in the real world do, such as having virtual sex.

Still Want to Know What is Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual world, but the virtual is crossing into the real world. In an article written by Kristin Kalning of MSNBC, a gentleman named Sam began a "virtual affair" with a woman named Kat. Sam explained that he didn’t have any intentions of ever meeting Kat, but as the virtual relationship grew stronger his real relationship started to suffer.

Sam went on to explain that he would make excuses to get away so that he could get online to talk to his online girlfriend.

While your loved one may not be involved in a physical relationship with someone else, if they are getting their needs for love, intimacy, and companionship from somewhere else, then I think it's cheating.

If your loved one is openly sharing their virtual life with you and you are completely okay with it, then it may be something of an added flair to your relationship. When deceit is behind the action, it can never be good.

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"they met in the
virtual world of Second Life
and it took off from there" - Stephon

By knowing whats out there in the virtual worlds like Second Life you are better able to identify situations that you need to pay attention to and address.

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