Just What Is Valenswines Day?

The Eve Before Valentines Day Can Be Detrimental to your Relationship. Here's Why!

So what is Valenswines Day? Ask Eliot Spitzer what that day means to him. Ask his wife that same question.

For many unsuspecting husbands and wives, the eve before Valentine’s Day can be detrimental to their relationship. This day is supposed to be a day filled with anticipation of the loving gifts that you are awaiting from your loved one.

The reality is that this infamous day is highly regarded as "Valentines Day" for the mistresses and men that are waiting on the side hoping the cheating spouse will leave their wife or husband.

So what is Valenswines day?

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Well as you probably know, on February 13th the Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was exposed for being involved and linked to a high priced call girl ring. This goes to show you that Politicians and Celebrities alike are just as susceptible to the allure and temptations

that are all around us today.

Cheating and celebrities have always existed, and maybe more because they have the financial means to act on their desires or temptations as they arise.

This Valentine's Day for the cheaters is observed by many more people than you probably imagine. The lover of the cheating spouse usually gain feelings over time and wants to feel special and not just like the "other woman" or "boy toy". I must say, I do think it is more so the other woman who will put pressure on the cheating man to take them out or to be with them on Valenswine's Day.

I know someone that takes this to another level. He has officially made the Friday of the weekend before Valentine's Day his day to be with his lover. He tells me that he no longer can get away on the eve of Valentine's Day anymore.

In essence, if have any doubts that your spouse is involved in any type of affair, I would recommend that you monitor the days preceding and following Valentine's Day. One of these days may just be reserved as Valenswines Day!

Unfortunately Mrs. Spitzer now knows just what is Valenswines Day. That day is now regarded as Eliot Spitzer's "Fall from Grace!" 

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