What to do now?

by Brandon
(Des Moines IA)

My ex left me on father's day in 09. She went to vist her family in Illionis and cheated on me with this man that she just met 7 hours before she had sex with him.

She now lives their With her sister. They where together untill the begining of Dec. He hit her around so she left him and wanted to come back to me and our daughter.

I have started to see someone else but its not like what we had. The kicker of it is i had talked to her mom over christmas and had my daughter wish her grandma merry christmas.

When her mother told me that she had slept with a guy her sis brought over and was wanting to hook up with the week before.

Her sister lives with her and has kids & she has threaten them with kicking them if she said anything.

The EX has denied it till this morning when she said it happened a few months ago when she was still with the first guy.

I know her mother wouldnt lie to me seeing as she wants us to get back together. So who should i believe her mom or her.

The EX has lied to me before. Her sis was saying she never brought a guy up to the place before but she was never there when the EX was with the first dude.

Which makes me think it happened recently. So she cheated on me and left me for another man but cheated on him with someone else.

She says she misses her daughter and wants to come back if i want her back but im afraid that she would just be coming back for her and not me.

I would really like to make it work but i dont think she wants it as bad i think she still wants to party first and play mom second.

What should i say to her i have tried everything i can think of. Any advice would be greatly appricated.

THANK YOU Hurting Father

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