What was my wife thinking? (Part 1 of 2 parts to my hell)

by Jack W.
(Houston, TX)

Part 1: It all started about 5 weeks ago.I had noticed a few strange signs lately, like her being very protective of her phone, making sure she had her phone locked, and the same with her computer, and not being where she said she would be. So I put a tracking device on her car. After a few days I had to go work out of town for a couple days. One day while I was gone she seemed a bit nervous when I spoke with her on the phone. She said she would be at the mall shopping all day. Well, I used the device and it showed her some 20 miles from the mall! Her car was actually parked at some strange address for over 3 hours! During this time I couldnt reach her on her cell. Finally after 3 1/2 hours she called and said she was heading home from the mall, but the tracker showed her in a totally different part of town driving towards home. I was finally heading home too, from my business trip, but stopped at the address she had been parked at all day to see what it was. To my horror, it was a Hilton Hotel! I was freaked. We have been married for almost 8 years, and we always promised we would never cheat on each other. She is 37, very attractive, and she normally dresses kind of sexy. She typically gets hit on a lot by guys. To be totally clear, we have even defined "cheating" to each other, as including secret phone conversations, secret meetings, e-mails, texts, etc. So back to the 7th of December, 2011. After seeing the Hilton Hotel, I drove home and started questioning her about her trip to the mall and what she had bought. She began to lie, saying she just picked up a few inexpensive items and paid cash so had no receipt. When I dug deeper she admitted that ok, in reality she had met with a guy friend for lunch. After more intense questioning, her story went like this: She was taking a night class at college and this class was giving her some problems. One of her classmates began to help her before class on a couple of occasions, which she really appreciated. Then, when classes ended for the holidays, they kept in touch a bit by phone - and then they decided to meet for lunch (of course I had never heard of the guy). She says he works in an office complex next to the Hotel and he suggested she park there since there is no parkinbg available where hw works. At lunchtime he supposedly walked to the hotel and they both went in his car to a restaurant for lunch. She said they stayed at the restaurant for over 3 hours talking. According to her, during their previous talks in class she learned that he is an "excellent listener" and that she can tell him her problems and vice versa, and that he is just so "understanding". So after the 3 hours she said he drove her back to the Hilton parking lot so she could get her car and drive home. During her drive home she directly lied to me again, saying she was driving in The Woodlands, while I was watching the tracker showing her making progress in Houston, moving North on I-45. She said that it was all platonic and that the guy did not even try to touch her. She told me not to worry, since he is married too, and that his wife even has a baby on the way. Of course his wife wasn't told of their lunch either, and my wife refused to give me the guy's name or number, saying she did not trust that I wouldn't find him and beat him up or tell his wife and that she didn't want to ruin his family life (I guess ours was disposable though)! She did show me her phone records showing that they only had a few short phone conversations a couple days before their meeting to set everything up and she said she would never see him again if it would save our marriage. So 3 weeks went by, and I was having a tough time, but was making progress in getting over the devastating feelings of being deceived, lied to, and emotionally cheated on. (See part 2 next).

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